Anyone worried about the recession affecting their wedding?

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enchanted princess Posts: 117
When you hear so much on the radio about tightening our belts, it makes me nervous about spending money on my wedding. We already av loans and a mortgage, maybe we shouldn add the expense of a wedding on top as we are paying for it all ourselves. But I realy dont want to compromise on my big day. It really worries me at the mo. Anyone feel the same?
po Posts: 439
God i'm the same. Mortgage and we both have loans too. Did up a budget on the wedding its coming to around 30,000 (includes honeymooon) now i know i have over priced some things. We will need to get a loan to help pay for the wedding too , we are saving as well but we will just not get it all saved. I'm worried will it affect us getting the loan, plan on going to the credit union.Have a good history with them. By the time i plan on going to them my savings will be twice what i will owe them so looking for a top up really. It would really make you wonder if we are doing the right thing going ahead with it
snoopy08 Posts: 404
I know what you mean!! I know I'll get killed for saying this but myself and H2B were talking about this recently. We are hoping to have all of our money saved by the time the wedding comes so we will not be relying on cash presents to help pay for things. However, we would like to use whatever cash presents we get to put towards a new 'family' car. H2B has the new car already picked out in his head. :o0 He said last week that maybe people wont be as generous, as they have been at other peoples weddings, in 6 months time at ours. We are always generous and give 250 euro at weddings but with interest rates, fuel prices etc rising and wages staying put, maybe people will start to rethink the presents that they give at weddings and if they will spend the money to go to them. From our point of view, the amount of disposable income left after paying mortgage and bills, savings and food bills is getting less and less as the weeks go on. We will have zero savings after the wedding and so we're relying on other peoples generousity to to have some money in case something happens. Let the attack begin :o0
rubies Posts: 1375
I've really been trying to be careful with our budget. We didn't set ourselves a specific amount but shopping around for everything without going for a major cheapo wedding and going without what we want if you know what I mean. I feel really scabby now cos we only give 150 when we go to weddings! :-8 Problem is we have at least 6 this year that we're going to so it's still costing us a lot.
NemoFish Posts: 2501
Well feck ye anyway!I wasn't thinkging bout that but I am now. Our friggin budget is just going up and up and up and up. I nearly feel like crying thinking about it. Its very close to 40,000 at this stage. I have no idea how it got so high. We are not spending crazy amounts on anything either. Just alot of people coming.
Ready-to-Rock09 Posts: 25
if the recession goes ahead it might just make people rethink the whole money money attitude in Ireland and realise what we can do for less money. We seem to be so influenced now by price tags and if joe soap is doing it I should too, if joe soap is giving X amount maybe i should too...... O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| Imagine if the budgets had to be tightened you might end up having a much more personal touch to the wedding.... do your own flowers, a second hand dress (or maybe the aunt will get out the needle and thread for us O:o) ), the relative out with their camrecorder!, ............................................... I wont go as far cutting the honeymoon yet fingers crossed things wont go that bad :o( :o( I think a lot of us are already carried away with the moment of planning a wedding and it might take some sort of recession to see what money can really buy or sometimes not :xox
80schick Posts: 209
hi girls i just posted earlier today on this .... i decided to ask h2b to postpone the wedding for another year because of the slow down in things i knew he was nervous and stressed about business and lack of it that i thought id get in first and offer him some relief ... he would never himself admit that things were getting hard so i knew it would have to be me to say something ... we have 3 kids , mortgage etc etc and i just feel the pressure on us to save for the wedding we both want is just too much right now .... im absolutely gutted about this im not showing this to my h2b as he is upset enough about whats happening so no use in me goin round with a sad face ... i think its the best thing to do for our family ... ..... these are hard times and its gonna get harder according to the news ...... we will get married eventually i dont think its sunk in yet that im not gonna get married next may .... i was so so looking forward to it had everything booked in all ....... i havent told anyone yet not even my mum and dad ... im trying to sort out new dates with church and hotel first ...... im glad im not the only one feeling this way that some of you have the same thoughts as meself ... my post earlier was a shock actually lots of girls told me i should just go ahead with the wedding despite everything .... xxx
Kop Mama Posts: 804
Im already scrimping and saving and doing everything as cheap as possible without leaving out things that are important to us. I really dont see how we could cut back anymore so if things get really bad im terrified that we will have to put our big day off. Already engaged 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o( :o( :o( :o( :o(
enchanted princess Posts: 117
Yeah I seen your post earlier. Its so worrying when you hear 1st thing in the morning that were going into recession. I dont want to compromise on my big day. As long as the multinationals dont leave :eek
MRS.Q Posts: 558
ffs....I'm so depressed now... >:o(