Are you usually overdue on your 1st baby?

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Miki Posts: 309
Due my 1st baba in May and really looking forward to it. I am just wondering, is it the norm to go over on your first? And if so, how long will they leave you go? Does every hospital have their own policy. I am going to Mt Carmel. Im terrified they'll tell me my baby huge at 40wks but wont induce me!!!
BBS Posts: 405
Don't worry. I was a week early. Depends on person. I think they let ou go over 2 weeks but not sure on this.
Mrs2008 Posts: 812
Hi Miki, It all depends on the Hosp and the cirumstances that you are in - i think the most they let you go over is 10-12 days. I went nine days over which was a pain in the arse but i was scheduled to be induced for the 12th day which was as long as the Coombe would let me go over - i really wanted to go myself - which i did in the end - plenty of curries, baths and long walks did the trick. Good Luck - you'll be fine.
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Miki - im not 100% sure about all cases but in my experience (friends, family and work colleagues) the most they will let anyone go over is 10 days past your scan date, which in my case is 14 days before my own dates so thats ok but if it was later I reckon I would crack up ! and no its not a given rule that you will go over on your first, my sister was bang on right with her dates and my friend was the same on her 4. HTH MrsNoc
Baby cakes Posts: 1237
I went 3 days early on both my girls, as far as I know they will only let you go over by 14 days, plenty of spicy foods, and long walks as Mrs Noc says :wv
bibikay Posts: 644
No - not a given at all that you will go over... I was over 2 weeks early on my DS. Kind of caught us (and everyone else!) on the hop, as with a due date of 27th Sept I was assuming that I'd have an Oct baby... instead DS arrived on 12th Sept.
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Think it depends on the person - and on hospital policy as to how long over they allow you to go. My DS was 16 days over. He was 8lb 10.5, if they'd left it much longer I'd never have been able to push him out!!! But seriously now that I know better - I would start to kick up if baby is more than 1 week over. It's more dangerous for baby to be 2 weeks over than 2 weeks early, as the placenta which is resposible for getting nutrients and oxygen to baby starts to deteriorate after due date, and this is not good for baby. Good luck1 :wv
ros Posts: 749
Hi, most people would go a bit over, but not much necessarily. There can be a history of it in the family. My mother went 3/4 days over for all of her pregnancies. I went 4 days over and it was fine. Don't worry, it'll be fine!! You'll hold that fabulous baby in your arms and that will be all that matters - trust me! :wv
Estobesto Posts: 632
I think it all depends on the mammy and the baby. On my first baby i was exactly 1 week over due and 9 days on my second. I think most hospitals wont let you go over 2 weeks and will bring you in and induce labor. One nurse led me to believe that it has something to do with your menstrual cycle. I have quite a long cycle - every 5 weeks or so - and it seems like my pregnancies go over the 40 weeks... Maybe it has something to do with it, maybe it doesnt! Who knows? The baby will come when its ready!
Estobesto Posts: 632
Oh by the way, good luck!!! Enjoy every minute coz they're not babies for very long. My baby is now 13months old and i dont know where the time has gone. She's a toddler now and running around the house like mad thing!!! :o0 :wv