attention 3rd trimesters!! every1 reveling in the kicks???

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bree Posts: 1880
anyone else just loving the kicks?? i cant believe there gonna feel even stronger!! my little one is kicking me right in the bladder at the moment. im measuring 4weeks ahead ( ie.32cms ) so think there stronger now than i had expected but i am sooo loving it !! DH is sick to death of me shouting " ahhh the babys kicking !! " over & over.... there not just kicks but rolls too.. id love to know what way its positioned right now. sometimes part of the bump is really really hard while the other side is more squidgy ..mayb suggesting the hard part is the head? can any1 confirm that when fundal height is measured by doc that 1cm = week ( ie 24cm= 24wks) ?
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
my sils little one is kicking away kicked her so hard the other day she thought she would pass out. didnt realise it could be that strong
Ducky Posts: 2506
Hiya bree, my kicks have got noticeably stronger in the past week. Feels like it is trying to get out! The lads either side of me at work have asked if my belly 'can be turned off' as it's grossing them out when the belly wobbles, jumps and goes out at all sorts of weird angles. Most of my movement is on the left and up high at top of bump so the remote or anything resting on bump goes flying! The duvet jumps all night too, DH thinks it's hilarious. Keeps me awake though. Can be sore at times, especially when it kicks directly onto the bladder or in the ribs. I do love all the movement though, although I wish it would give me a break sometime, it never seems to sleep!
grumpy Posts: 1280
Not revelling so much, no! At this stage though, its gone past kicking as I think he's run out of space, so its mostly just moving, which to be honest, I absolutely hate. It looks horrible, and it feels horrible. I could go on, but you'll all start thinking I hate my baby! I hate the end of pregnancy, and hated it on dd too. My mam said she felt exactly the same on her 3 pregnancies too, so I'm well past feeling odd about it!
Ducky Posts: 2506
Oh grumpy, I can sympathise and in another 4 weeks I bet I will feel the same!
lamb nose Posts: 679
Bree, Two different midwifes told me that from around 20 weeks onward you go up a cm a week and you can measure it by the fundus. I wonder does that mean that you are actually 32 weeks pregnant??! At 24 weeks I was 24 cm and it took a jump at the 28 weeks to me going up to 30cm but I am defo only the 28 weeks pregnant. You must feel massive if you are now 32cm!! I reckon you will be having your baby early. :eek :eek
bree Posts: 1880
early? ya think? in one way i hope your right ( but our house isnt ready yet so bit nervous bout it too ) ... i feel massiev..really big and the pelvic stiffness is much stronger.. still all will be worth it... : )
Ducky Posts: 2506
No-one has measured my fundal, feel left out... :o(
bree Posts: 1880
ah poor ducky - ul have to get her do it next time ... im gonna ask them at clinic tomorrow to do my bloods cos havent had them done since the day i found out i was preggers.. would be interested to know iron levels etc.. are many of ye takin iron supplements?
irish bride Posts: 558
Hi girls, I got to say I am loving the kicks at the mo, i am 32 weeks and so far they havent got painful or uncomfortable, at the mo i am just in awe of it all! I just love lying on my back and placing something on my belly for the baby to kick off again - just put something light enough that the baby can knock over it is so weird to watch it happen - and i gotta say my hubby loves to sit and watch things moving around my tummy or being kicked off altogether!! xxx