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hubbaz Posts: 99
I've been knitting loads during my pregnancy. It's lovely to have a few homemade/handmade cardies and all in ones. You should definitely give it a go. They're so small you'd have them done in no time.
Beedy Posts: 112
[quote="pag":2eel11oc]Girls sounds like a brilliant idea. I canknit so would be great, however, the big flaw is that I can never for the life of me work out how to cast on!! I'd have to get my mum to MIL to do it for me :-8[/quote:2eel11oc] I got a knitting book in one of those collections the book people drop into work for about a fiver and it's got some good instructions on the basics. I'll see if I can scan it on and attach it to a post (might be handy for others) or if that doesn't work (or the copyright people chase me down!) pm me your email address
bazoobies Posts: 108
sus_murf, Beedy and dancing feet, i have pm'd you with my email address if ye have the time to send me some patterns id really appreciate it. :thnk Sorry babsdel for jumping in on your post :-8 Happy Knitting :o)ll
adelz Posts: 3088
No bother its great people are so kind here, thanks all :wv