Baby development 2 weeks ahead - diabetes

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jill80 Posts: 565
Hi Ladies, Looking for a little advice or reassurance, not sure what. Basically not been the past week or two, got a bad bad throat infection. Antibiotics didnt clear. GP worried as temp going up still, did urine sample and leucocytes in it. For whatever reason she decided send me into hospital today - think she wanted them to see was there something that could fight both infections. Anyhow when I saw consultant he prescribed antibiotics, and then told me jump up on couch. When he did ultrasound he kept repeating "when is your due date?" over and over. Then he told me that the babys' development measurements are [b:3kfgxvdd]over two weeks[/b:3kfgxvdd] what they should be. Now, when I had a private scan few weeks ago she told me baby up to week over in size. now gone to two. He said he was worried in case diabetes as it wasnt right. Wants me back in two weeks. He cancelled my appointment for midwife clinic as he wants me see a consultant. Now, no glucose turned up in my wee so far and I'm just worried. Firstly if it is diabetes what are the risks. Secondly if its not why would be baby be that far ahead? I always thought I was about 4 days more than their indicator but I know for a fact I cannot be more than a week out with dates. I am just worried about baby been ill.
babybliss Posts: 437
Hi jill, sorry to hear you haven't been well, let's hope it'll clear off soon! I was in a similar situation at 23 weeks, had our big scan and the baby measured couple of weeks ahead and my bumps measurements were up to 4 weeks ahead. My consultant wasn’t overly concerned, she said that some babies have growth spurts and seem that they are bigger at some stages of the pregnancy. She did send me for the full GTT tests just in case, but all was clear and I didn’t have diabetes. I was at my 30 week check-up last week and the growth has finally slowed down. The consultant also said that we will have to see at the next appointment (in 10 days) if a growth scan is necessary, but I reckon they won’t be bothered, as all seems to be fine now. Hope this helps and remember all babies grow at different rate and the consultants will keep an eye on your little :lvs
jill80 Posts: 565
Thanks so much for that reply Babybliss, its helping put my mind at ease, appreciate it. Just got hold of my sister on phone, she's a nurse and was saying something similiar about spurts, but i thought she had just said it to put my mind at ease, so thanks for clarifying. Hope all goes well for rest of your pregnancy :wv
frangipani Posts: 1543
i was ahead by around 2 weeks at the 24 week mark as well, jill80 and was also asked about diabetes etc. it freaked me out a bit at the time. turns out baby is just a little bit big, only around a week ahead now and will get an update at next scan. i can appreciate now that the doctors were just being thorough.