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shells08 Posts: 101
Hi wollies, hope you can give me some insight, this is a strange one. i have my 2nd scan tommorrow and my hospital have a policy not to reveal the sex of the baby. When we got pregnant we initially said we'd like it to be a surprise but now that we know the hospital wont tell us its making me want to know even more. I keep seeing such nice wee bits and bobs but i cant buy them cause they're either for a boy or a girl, Plus we'd really like to get the nursery started and would love either a 'wee boys room' or a wee girls room. i know this sounds quite trivial. anyways what i wanted to ask was, in the scan is there anything i can look out for myself, someone had said to me its not as obvious as i mite think as a lot of the time the hospital are looking for internal organs rather than external, so i mite not know from just looking, but then u see shows on tv that say 'look away now if you dont want to know the sex' Just would love to know ur experiences with your scans and if you could tell or not or if theres anything i need to look out for etc etc, i know this isnt going to be a gauranteed yes or no but id like to have an idea :)
Sphynx Posts: 6795
All I can tell you is that on DS at 22 weeks I could see no willy but definitely saw his balls! And don't mistake the cord for a willy - their willies are really tiny! Had a scan at 20 weeks on this baby and could make out nothing at all in terms of gender even though everything else was v. clear!
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
Hi, I'd imagine that the reason that your hospital has a policy of not revealling the sex is because it is possible for even the experts to get it wrong... Nevermind someone not trained to read the ultrasounds. (imagine bringing your brand new daughter home to her blue room!). Skeleton-wise males and females are almost identical so unless you see what is obviously a willy I dont know! I'll be getting lots of little yellow, green and white litttle things til I pop!
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
Well I am having a boy as confirmed by 2 scans, and both times they showed us his scrotum on the screen. Even though she was telling me it was a scrotum, I STILL could not see it for what it was, so if she had not told me there is no way I would have known. Why not book in for a 3D scan if you really, really want to know? BTW - which hospital are you with, we are in Holles Street and they had no problem telling us. FP
Daisyboo Posts: 1347
Well dh sceen two white dots side my side on our 20 week,so Im presumeing its a boy(I have been only buying blue)he ddnt see a willy,but I think it would be difficult to see that at that stage.Alao sceen whatooked like a little ball sack at the 3d scan.
shells08 Posts: 101
thanx wollies for all ur replies, had our 2nd scan yesterday and eberything went well thank god, all normal and healthy as far as they can tell. Was really looking out for the sex of the baby and im pretty sure i seen 2 white dots so im guessing its a boy :) Also got a new due date which im not entirely surprised about, they moved me back 5 days so we're now due on our first wedding anniversary which i think is really sweet, i know i prob wont go on this exact day but it would be nice to be celebrating such a big event to ring in our first year together :)