baby measuring big at 34 weeks

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aperature Posts: 280
hi girls, just wondering if anyone else had a baby that was measuring 'big' at one of their scans but ended up normal size?! i had a growth scan yesterday ( due to DS being a 9lb 9 baby) and they said that this little one, which is 34 wks along, is measuring 4 weeks ahead....and already 6lb 8 oz. DS was a section baby after failure to induce. they won't induce again because of this, and doc said vaginal delivery is policy.....unless i don't go myself then c-section. i really really don't want to push a big baby out!!!! thing is, i look much smaller and neater this time and was full sure he was going to tell me she was a small little thing! any reassurance?!
jen2 Posts: 3106
Those scans can be way out. Either lighter or heavier. On Dd1 was told at 37 wks that I would have a 6-7 lbs baby. DD arrived 2 wks later nearly 9 lbs. On dd2 at the 30 wk scan she was measuring 5lbs and 33 wks gest. 3 wks later she was measuring 5 lbs 5 oz and the said about 33 wks 3 days gest. So in 3 weeks according to measurements she but on 5 oz and only had 3 days growth. I think the measurements are a guide. But the can be out up to a lb either side. I'm only 17 wks and last week at scan was told that it's already a big baby. How can they tell. I don't do small babies anyway... Mine are all very tall now! Best of luck. Really don't worry