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sienna13 Posts: 198
hi lads, i was adopted and never knew til last night what weight i was when i was born, seeing as im going to the gynae next week and need some medical history my mam fished out some doccuments, i was born 11 lbs, oh lads i nearly died, its my first baby and now im scared :eek , im not a large person by any means, my husband is 6'2 and is well built, can anyone say from their own experience if their own and partners weight/height was a factor in their babies size, obviously once the child is healthy etc i dont care but its the thoughts of the labour are frightening me!!!any feed back appreciated *)
only deadly Posts: 491
well I was amonth early and was a wopping 10 lber and my partner at the time was 9lb but my son was 7lb 14oz . My husband was 10lb but what I look at is the size of the heads I have a big head and so did my ex and my son has a big head My husband has a huge head so I think it be another big headed baby but as you said once their healthy !
sienna13 Posts: 198
im in stiches here , i actually have a big anough head too, maybe thats where all the weight was, wish it was only all brains !! :o0
thunder Posts: 110
I was asking the GP yesterday if labour time and weight was hereditary, she said it wasn't. Going my by 2 sisters, both had short labours on their first and 6-7lbers. My poor mother was in labour for over 20 hrs with the first and we were all over 9lb (6 of us) don't worry (the size of the head could be a problem though :o0 )
happyout Posts: 204
Hi ladies I don't think that it is related to your own birth weight as I was 8llb when I was born. My son was 11llb 12 when he was born!! He is 2 and half months now and wieghts a massive 20lb
chicam Posts: 1169
The baby's weight isn't related to your own apparently, my GP said the same and when I googled it that's what I found out. Good news for all us whopping babies!
sienna13 Posts: 198
my weight was written in gramms so it was like 5000g, my parents were trying to convert in their heads so i did it online needless to say i was in shock!!i woner would you ever be the same downstairs, id say id be going for one of those deisgner vaginas after another baby or two :o0