Back pain please help

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survivor Posts: 2507
Girls I'm in agony and nearly in tears sitting at my desk. My back has been hurting for a while now. Its that muscle ache type of pain. Its been really severe the last few days and I thought my trip to pilates last night would fix it. It did not :o( :o( I'll go for a massage tomorrow but need advice on how to relieve the pain even a little now. Is it safe for me to use a hot water bottle on my pain. i definitely need something. :o( :o( :o(
nov08 Posts: 45
hi, I had really bad back pain a few weeks ago, right down low on my right side, and though it would be with me until the birth, but i went to my Physio and he spend an hour working on it, and while it was tender and a little bruised the next day its been perfect ever since, and i was struggling to change positions or move so i would recommend a trip to a good physio. My physio was Ailbe physio in Clane, Co. Kildare. Good luck hope you feel better soon,
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I have used a hot water bottle - just make sure it's not too hot and wrap it in a towel or something. I find swimming fantastic for my back pain. Also take a couple of paracetemal for relief here and now!
survivor Posts: 2507
Thanks girls. I was a bit worried about the hot water bottle and whether it was ok to use one. I have one covered in a fluffy outer layer so I'll use that when I get home.
serenity Posts: 3675
Hi Survivor, I feel your pain... I suffered terrible with it and like some of the other gals, had to get physio... Basically I damaged my lumbar muscle. Before I went to the physio I was putting a hot water bottle on it 24/7 - when I finally had to go as the pain was unbearable, in my case, the physio said that the hot water bottle was not fixing the pain but actually making it worse - something to do with the blood vessels and heat. So I had to use an ice pack for 45 mins every night and do my exercises and that was after her doing the physio and having to have that for about 4 sessions. There is nothing worse - but the physio definitely worked for me. She was great... Hope you feel better soon xx
Hugz Posts: 410
Did our antenatal class this wk and the midwife mentioned in Our Lady of Lourdes Drogheda you are entitled to free hospital physio if you get a referral letter from your GP or doc.. Dont know if this applies everywhere
Diva30 Posts: 286
[color=darkblue:1akm1tbl]The Physio sounds like a good idea...while you are at work could you get an ergonomically supported chair with lumbar support that may help make you more comfortable as well and perhaps use a lumber back cushion while seated! Hope you get some comfort soon - bad pain isn't pleasant![/color:1akm1tbl]
marianf Posts: 5845
You can also use Deep Heat cream if those around you can stand the pain. I suffer with my back all the time so not be able to take my medication is making it very tough for me. Midwife said that I can use heat pads and deep heat. You can buy electric heat pads in Argos etc for around €25 which would be handy for work as you could still sit back properly against the seat. Hope you feel better soon.
survivor Posts: 2507
I'm off to the physiotherapist this afternoon so hopefully I'll come out of there a new girl. Thanks for the replies.
aylala Posts: 3673
Just thinking has you job done a risk assessment on you? Min did and I got a back support or my chair? Have you a HR dept to ask