Hi All, having a bit of a mild panic attack regarding accommodation for my upcoming wedding at Ballykealey Manor in August this year (2010). We have a document which Angela at BK gave us with a list of local B&B's and Hotels however our numbers have gone up considerably and now we'e looking at 250 (incl afters guests). If all the local B&B's are empty, and we have at least 4 in each lodge on the grounds I think we still might be short ! The only viable options are if guests stay at hotels up to 8 miles away. Does any ex BK bride have any more accom lists please just in case I've missed out on a few places ? Would appreciate it greatly. Angela told us we could hire a local mini van that would transport guests back to b&b within a 7mile/7km (?) radius of the Manor. Has anyone used this service and would the service stretch as far as Mount Wolseley ? Starting to think we should tell guests to bring a tent just in case, or maybe I could hitch up the skirt, put a mask on and act as taxi woman at the end of the night ? :action34 PS - does BK do a drinks reception in the grounds if weather on day is good? Have seen photos on the website but it was never mentioned to us when we were booking. M