"[b:2ersg2w8]Band willing to go That Extra Mile"[/b:2ersg2w8] Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything on the day. Dance floor packed from start to finish. Big thanks to David and Band for being so accommodating and letting the family up to "sing". ;) and Davids Great rendition of "Caught in a Trap". Ye really made the night and people both old and young still going on about how great ye were and what a great relaxed but professional atmosphere ye brought to the occassion. Top notch service and the willingness to learn even the most obscure of our song requests [b:2ersg2w8]really [size=150:2ersg2w8]showed [size=150][b]how willing to go that extra mile for the bride[b] and groom this band really are. Can't thank ye or recommend ye highly enough!!!!!!!!!!![/b:2ersg2w8][/size:2ersg2w8][/size]Submitted by Anna & Eamonn -Waterford Castle Wedding on April 2012[/b][/b]