BAR EXTENTION midweek reception?

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20102010 Posts: 78
Hi Girls We are getting married (civil) and having our reception on a wednesday at hotel starting at 3pm. Hotel has offered music can be played and bar open until 1am. Bar extention is an exta €425 until 2am. Do you think we should go with it for the sake of an extra hour? All my relations will be travelling so staying anyway with residents bar til 4am? Thanks in advance
gottabfp Posts: 5641
no i really dont think its worth it, you have a late bar as it is. im aying for mine but if i didnt it would close at 11.30 so im paying 260 to have it till 12.30.
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Are you sure the bar is open till 1 on a week day? Just double check this. If it is open till 1 I wouldnt bother with the bar extension
20102010 Posts: 78
Yeah he said normally it would be 12 but if we twist his arm he will lwave us til 1am any later he would have to apply for extention.
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
1am is very good for midweek. I would leave it at that :wv
hannahross Posts: 318
we got married on a Wed and they left the bar open until 1 and we paid for that extension. Anyone who wanted to stay behind went to the residents bar so we didn't pay for anything extra so I would say go for the 1am and spend that extra money on something you really want. Bear in mind also that a lot of the guests may be at work the following day so they may not be drinking too much anyway!!!