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swweetcheeks Posts: 271
Hey Girls Just booked my flowers yesterday. Saw the deal on Todays but I went into the florist and she talked me thru everything. Really good deal for €149.50 (.50 is very important!!) I got the following: Brides Bouquet Grooms Buttonhole 2 x BM Bouquet 1 x small BM Bouquet 3 x buttonholes 2 x mums corsage 1 x page boy rose bud! Saw the deal a few weeks ago but I was a bit dubious about booking them without seeing some of the work but I was really happy yesterday when I went in. Obviously she will allow changes to the packages, but all at a supplement. Deal suits me perfectly as this is the exact size of our wedding party!!!! This is where you can buy the deal and the florist is Kays Florist in Rialto. she has a facebook page too!!!
niftythrifty Posts: 256
Are you not going to get any flowers for the ceremony venue/church?
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
Hey good job - I wanted to go with them but they turned me down as we're getting married at Easter :(
swweetcheeks Posts: 271
Nifty, our Church includes the flowers in the cost of the donation we have to give so don't need to worry about that. Just gonna get a few bows for the pew ends and stick some small cream flowers on them.