Beautiful Bride Newry - ANY FEEDBACK AT ALL???

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Mrs James Duff Posts: 348
Does anyone have any experience with Beautiful Bride in Newry? I found my dress in Galway but the sample is now gone from the shop and I don't want to order it without trying on again. They have the dress in Beautiful Bride in Newry and its about 700 Euro cheaper than the price I was quoted in Galway so thats a bonus!! So just wondering if anyone has visited the shop or ordered from this shop and did everything go as planned/expected Thanks :wv
Mrs James Duff Posts: 348
:o)ll :o)ll
FinallyMrsH Posts: 358
Gerrie10, I've posted on this shop before. She's a great sales woman, she would sale snow to the eskimos. But that's where it ends. Unfortunately my sister ordered both her own dress and our 2 BM dresses in Beautiful Bride in Dec last year, in April we got a phone call to say that the BM dress came in, made an appointment for Tuesday evening @ 6.30 flew home from Dublin and down to Newry and NO SHOW, and NO SORRY the next day when my sis rang. Made an appointment for the same time the following week, rang at four to confirm (just in case) and ah sorry we have had to cancel all this evening's appointments...... Eventually we got into the shop on the 3rd attempt and we where left walking around like eejits for about 20 minutes, when she came over turns out that she couldn't find the dresses in the shop "Ruth" must have moved the dresses, another wasted trip and this stage my sis was frecking out especially as she wanted to see the colour of the dresses. She told my sis she'd ring the next day about dresses, no phone call, mam took it into her own hands and off down to the shop on her own to see what was going on, turns out the dresses "where shipped back to USA in error". And that they were on the way back to the shop. Eventually when we got to see the dresses Disaster the wrong colour (but we weren't too sure from the swatch) she wasn't listening to us, her or the mam or the dress maker. Now my sister was frecking that her dress would be wrong. Took all the goodness out of the wedding for her for abount 3 months until her own dress came in. We ended up going into another shop that stocks the same dresses and they had the exact colour we wanted and we were correct it was totally different. So we left things until the end of August when my sis' dress came in and thankfully it was correct. And mam asked to see the dresses again and argued that they were the wrong colour totoally different fromt he swatch, she called mammy in and mammy agreed that they were the wrong colour, she was supposed to ring sis o the following day after getting into contact with the supplier about getting the dresses fast. and to this day she never rang. aAnd sis left the shop that day with her wedding dress in toe, and its behind her. And I'll not go into it if it's the last shop in the country to get my dresses............ I'm sure some people have had good experience, but since this happened I've heard of antoher bride that the same thing happened. Sorry to go on abit *)
Mrs James Duff Posts: 348
Thanks for the feedback MrsH2Beee Does anyone else have feedback on this shop? I'm wondering if this is a repeat occurance or a one off? Thanks :wv
Dinobaby Posts: 39
Hi, I've ordered by dress from there for my wedding in dec - its due into the shop nov 24th -i have no reason to think it won;t, service so far has been great.I'll keep you posted!
Mrs James Duff Posts: 348
That would be great Dec09Bride, would really appreciate it if you can let me know how it goes. Best of luck to you in the run up to your day and the day itself :wv
Bikerchick Posts: 30
Hi dec09 bride, did you get your dress ok? I have an appointment with these in a couple of weeks and want to see what sort of feedback you have? Thanks
msb Posts: 399
Hi Dec09 bride, Hope your wedding went well, I have sent you a PM... Thanks!
aislinghen Posts: 5
Hey gals, did ye all get your dresses from beautiful brides in newry,My sis wants to order her dress there but would like more feedback first?