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madmam Posts: 1294
Hi Ladies, I must admit, I have missed ye the last week! Had a bit of a scare at the weekend. Myself and DH had just had sex (forced myself to, I felt sorry for him!), the next minute there was blood everywhere! Talk about freaked out, I was! Now, I was used to a slight pinkish stain after sex (perfectly normal), but this was a lot of blood! Anyway, went straight to the hospital, fearing the worst. They admitted me straight away, and tried to do an internal on me, but I was way too freaked out, and there was too much blood. All I could think was. 'I'm only 22 weeks!'. They did manage to ascertain thet my cervix was closed, which was a relief. Then followed the longest night of my life. They waited till the next morning to try an internal again (at which point the bleeding had slowed down). I have to say, the doctor was so rough I was slamming my hand down on the bed and shouting at her to stop, she was so insensitive I couldn't believe it. She kept saying, 'relax, cough'. I felt like telling her to feck off! Anyway, she managed to find a small polyp on my cervix, which probably got irritated and bled. All she told me was that this was what I had, and left me, with blood all over the bed again (she was so rough, the bleeding started again - I had to ask a nurse to come change the bed). No explanation, nothing. So I was lying there thinking 'ok, thats a growth, but what kind?' Then she pops her head round again and asks me if I ahve had surgery on my cervix ever. I said 'no'. She said 'are you sure?'. I mean, WTF???? Anyway, the midwives were exceptional I have to say, really lovely. I just wanted out of there at this stage. They talked about a colposcopy, but it never happened, thank god. We did have another scan to make sure the placenta wasn't lying low, but that was fine, so that was good. The scan! OMG! It was amazing - there he was, all chilled out, sucking his thumb, and smiling! I thought 'you little fecker, scaring us like that!'. So, I was sent home and told to rest for a week (no work, yay!), and found out on the Web what a polyp was. They are mostly benign growths, so should be ok. I did have an abnormal smear a year ago, though, so need to keep an eye on it. This was ofllowed by a normal smear after that, so fingers crossed. Anyway, just in case any of ye are in the same boat, this is the explanation for my bleeding, and it doesn't necessarily mean the worst. Thanks for listening! :wv
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
OMG shorty, what an experience!! Thank god everything is ok. You will need the week to recover. Can I ask a question re sth you said? Apologies if you are not in the mood to answer my silly question after that you have been thru' but I am just a bit worried about it. So don't answer if you don't want. You said that after sex you have a normal pinkish stain. Is this normal in general?? I have been experiencing this for about 2-3 times after we have sex. It happended both before and after my period but then it happened again last night, like nearly 2 weeks after my period. Sometimes it's like blood but other times its just a pink stain. It's kinda freaking me and DH out. It has never happended to me before at all. Thanks and hope you are feeling better. Have a good rest.
madmam Posts: 1294
Hi wedjul05, I take it you're not pg? It is normal in pregnancy because the cervix is very sensitive, and the pinkish stain can be expected (as far as I know). If it is happening when you're not pg, then I still wouldn't worry, but it could be a polyp, like what I have. I'll see if I can get any info on it. Bring it up with the doc when you are there, or go see him/her. I'm sure its nothing to worry about. I found something here - polyps are no.5 in this list(I am sure your complaint isn't one of the more dramatic ones!). HTH :wv ... tersex.htm
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
no I am not pregnant, unfortunately! I will check it out with my doc though. Thanks anyway.
NotHere Posts: 10273
Jeez Shorty :eek You poor thing, that bitch of a doctor, I'll go round and kick her ass if you like? >:o( Glad you're ok now and got to see babs. Look after yourself pet :xxx
mammybean Posts: 10364
jeez shorty, what an ordeal. what is it with bloody doctors eh? i am so glad that you are alright. take it easy for the week :thnk
lamb nose Posts: 679
Oh Shorty, you poor thing. I feel for you! I had to have an internal once and it was rotten. In fairness I found labour easier than the internal. I too, was asking her to stop. Her hands were the size of shovels as well which made it worse. >:o( Try to put it behind you now if you can and look forward to baby.
jen2 Posts: 3106
Shotry you poor thing. You get such a fright when that happens. It has happened to me before both pregnant and not pregnant. They will probably remove the pollip after the baby is born. glad to here you are doing well, and that the little might is perfect. Best wishes pet Jen2
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Oh my god Shorty. I hope you have got over the shock. You poor thing, I can't imagine how scared you and DH were. Take care of yourselves :xxx :xxx
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
OMG Shorty how awful for you both you must have been very scared. What a cow being like that with you...DH will want to stay well clear of sex for a while :o0 So cute seeing your little man like that take care this week and relax yourself xx