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dubbird Posts: 146
Hi girls, Im nearly 6 weeks on my 2nd baba and have very little symtoms unike my first.My boobs were killing me last time round from day one and had stretching pain too.Have the odd niggly boob pain but they are not full or heavy.Going to the doc next week to confirm pregnancy.I have done about 6 tests as im just worried that its not real!! Appreciate if anyone can shed some light :lvs :lvs :lvs
merrymumof3 Posts: 562
Hi dubbird :wv I was like you at the start of this pregnancy, very little symptoms and kept wondering if something was wrong, boobs were not nearly as sore as they were on DS and very little stomach stretching. I was very tired for the first 12 weeks though, are you finding that you are very tired? Maybe as its not our 1st baby symptoms might ease off with every pregnancy??? Once you get it confirmed at the doctor you will feel more confident and less nervous and we should prob count ourselves lucky for not getting morning sickness!!!
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
What about booking an early scan with your maternity hospital or book a private one...just for your own peice of mind?
WorldsGreatestMum Posts: 249
I've been reading the journal I kept on first pregnancy and noting that I have way less symtoms than last time. Maybe the body is less freaked out having done it before or maybe I've less time to notice with a kid to mind. Best of luck - I'm sure you'll be fine. I think if you have actually had a miscarriage the hormones still stay in your system for quite a while so no symptoms wouldn't actually be a sign of having lost the baby.
mrswifey Posts: 775
Hey, I am only on my first child so I cannot compare different ones, but what I would say is that everything I have read says you cannot predict a current pregnancy by a past one - there is no reason that your symptoms would be the same on diff pregnancies as they all differ from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. So firstly I would stop comparing the two as it will only worry you and there is no benefit to be gained from it! Secondly I would agree with the person who said why don't you book yourself in for an early private scan just to reassure yourself? Best of luck and remember that worry is totally normal in early pregnancy, no matter how many you have had before!!
little squishy Posts: 559
Hi, This is my first pregnancy, so can't compare, but I'm 7+1 and found out two weeks ago. I didn't have any sore boobs until about four days ago. They felt a little full alright but now they are killing me! Can't even bare to touch them! I was very worried when I just found out, as I asked my mom& sister what there symptoms were like and they both said that they only tested because there boobs were so sore! So I really presumed that I would hve been the same! Once I got it confirmed by doc I felt alot better and then all the symptoms started!!! Hth
dubbird Posts: 146
hi girls, thanks so much for your replys and support. I dont remember being this worried on dd but I am generally a positive person so PMA from now on :o0 . I have looked into booking a scan alright,I'll be going public so cant wait til 16-18 weeks :eek I've probably jinxed myself now,and will be getting re-aquainted with the toilet bowl anyday now :o0 I was so sick on dd but it went at 16 weeks thank god. For those of you expecting,the best of luck and a healthy 9 months :lvs Thanks girls,dont know what I would do without this site,my dh is grand but you know blokes,just tell you not to worry :o0 :lvs :lvs :lvs
Newmam09 Posts: 139
i could of written this exact post!I had every symptom going in DD right from the start and completely different this time. have a few stretchin twinges every now and again and abit of backache on and off but boobs arent sore (yet) they feel heavy alright. Just have to keep telling myself every pregnancy is different so I wont go insane!
dubbird Posts: 146
Well told ye I would jinx myself...yes the ms has arrived in full swing :weep Am in bits today,was up every 2 hours or so last night hugging the toilet(sorrytmi) I had forgotten how this felt .Oh girls its going to be a tough few weeks ahead,roll on the 2nd trimester of lovely dinners and fat cakes :o0 Hope your all well and newmam09 your feeling some of the nicer symtoms :lvs