Blood in urine?

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Scrummy Posts: 183
I think I have a UTI- Ive started taking antibiotics this eve. I get them so often But not used to having blood in the urine - does anyone know what this is about. Its only after i go to the loo. There is none on my underwear and is bright pink. kinda worried now.
Salander Posts: 1639
do you have an out of hours gp service that you could ring? its probably nothing but better to get it checked out so you won't worry!
Gingham Posts: 3014
I am nearly sure i read something about blood in urine after a UTi before on this. maybe try and do a search. as far as I remember it is just to do with the uti and nothing more to worry about. i would go to your doc thou you may need an antibiotic. sorry not much help
theoracle Posts: 7664
Just to make sure I understood correctly - your urine is pink coloured? Because in that case, without actually having tested in, the colour can come from a number of other sources, not necessarily blood. Some multivitamins, sweets and foods (eg beetroot) and even anti-biotics can change colour of urine so if you suspect blood in urine, the only way to know for sure is if a gp tests it. If it is blood it is most likely due to the UTI, and the anti-biotics that treat the infection should do away with it.
silíní Posts: 4219
I had blood when i wiped at 26 weeks and that's how i discovered i had UTI and also had strep b. I would say ring VHI nurse or out of hours gp to be sure. S
Scrummy Posts: 183
Hi Girls thanks for the replies. I wasnt on over the wend. On sat night i was bledding a bit and got a fright , it slowed down yest. I called the maternity and they told me to come in. They did a scan and the baby is fine TG! I was expecting bad news. However they couldnt figure out where the blood is coming from so Im at home today and have lost a good bit of blood today as well. I waiting for a private Gynae to call me now. I have a kidney infection and a prolapse urethra so its prob something to do with that. All the same it was really scary on Sat eve. I hope i can learn to relax.
Scrummy Posts: 183
The Gynae called me last eve and said he wants me to come in and have a Cystoscopy - camera into the bladder. I have been bleeding since Sat and its coming from the bladder region. I will need a local anasthetic which he said is fine. Im so worried. The baby is fine which is great and I have another scan on Thurs. Im so stressed out. Had anyone had one of these procedures done during their pregnancy?