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Loreve Posts: 501 I know I can't control everything but I just did a long range forecast for next week and it's all doom and gloom from here on in. Thunderstorms, rain, low temperatures all weekend and all next week. O:| Come on Ireland, it's June for fecks sake! :o( (I know it's only a small detail in the grand scheme of things but it's still a tad annoying.... it also p1ssed rain the night of my hen which was supposed to be a garden party so just one day without getting drenched is all I ask) Bah humbug! >:o(
lou10 Posts: 389
Your wedding day is so close, hopefully you will be lucky with the day, Ill keep my fingers crossed :wv
lindy Posts: 1135
:o( :o( :o( :o( ah fingers crossed the weather picks up not fair we didnt want a winters wedding!! :o( >:o(
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Irish weather O:| We got married in winter and the weather was amazing - really bright, sunny, and crisp crisp cold - my favourite weather :lvs My friend got married in July and it absolutely bucketed rain all day.
Loreve Posts: 501
I wanted an October wedding but I gave in to HTB's wishes cos he wanted to be able to sit outside in the sunshine (grounds of venue are amazing). I tried to warn him but........ Need to seriously think about going out and buying wraps now or cardigans and umbrellas etc..... TSK!
serenity Posts: 3675
Hopefully it will pick up for you... But like Hokey Cokey said - Irish weather... We have our wedding booked for January and so can expect the worse but will be thrilled if we have a dry, crisp day. However, I suppose if I booked a summer wedding for the weather, I would be upset if it pissed rain... You will have a great day anyway, so keep the chin up and fingers crossed... xxx
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
Good oul' Ireland. So much for the fecking heat wave we were meant to get! Hope it's dry for your big day, if only until you have photos done. It's Ireland, can't hope for too much from the weather :o0
Me Julia Posts: 1352
My friend is at a wedding today...........poor bride, hope the dress is ok!
Reecespieces Posts: 927
One of my relatives got married in May