Bobbi Brown in Brown Thomas for make up?

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MrsK2012 Posts: 905
Hi ladies :) I've booked to have my make up done at the Bobbi Brown counter in Brown Thomas before we go out for our 1st Wedding Anniversary on 27th July. Have any of you any experience of having your make up done there? I had originally booked to have it done in BT2 (MAC make up) but cancelled as i'd like to try something different. I tried the Armani (thats the foundation my make up artist used on me for my wedding day) counter but they were booked up. Just looking for reassurance really! Or if there are any other counters you can highly recommend I can always check availability.......thanks :wv
Bfp4me2013 Posts: 760
MadWoman2013 Posts: 528
I've had my make up done my Bobbi Brown in Arnotts and really liked the results. Their make up isn't very dramatic but I think it makes you look like a very finished, expensive version of yourself if that makes sense! :) Enjoy!
MrsK2012 Posts: 905
Thanks for the replies ladies O-O Licious, unfortunately I wont make it out to Dundrum but will keep her in mind for again. That's great MadWoman.......she put me down for a party look so as long as they do nice smokey eyes i'll be happy enuf looking a more expensive version of myself besides :o0
MadWoman2013 Posts: 528
I just love Bobbi Brown but I have issues restraining myself (and my visa) when I'm in there! Their stuff is just so nice! (I'm now considering taking a stroll up there at lunch!) Enjoy! :)
S WOW Posts: 412
I got a wedding trial done at Bobbi Brown's a while back and I was not happy for a number of reasons: - the wedding trial is advertised as "free" everywhere else in the world (I first discovered it in Selfridges in London and they confirmed), but in BT you have to buy 2 products - ended up costing me €90! - the girl who did my makeup was obviously a trainee, with a senior person hovering over her telling her what to do. I'm sorry, if I have to effectively pay to get this done, then I expect an expert. Train on your mates, not on my time and money - the end result was only alright. I went out for dinner afterwards and by the time I came home mascara was halfway down my face. It was a quick dinner and no alcohol involved, so it wasn't a rough night by any means. Mascara should have lasted a bit longer. MAC is better (am going with MAC for my wedding). I like Laura Mercier in BT also
Annajoly123 Posts: 601
I like their make up but don't love the staff they hire. On numerous occasions I have had make up done with them and I wasn't happy with either. On both occasions it was in Galway. I have heard that the staff don't HAVE to be make up artists as the company just trains them in on their own products.