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Downton Posts: 314
Girls I've hit a wall with names, we have two lovely girl names picked and have thrown around a few boy names but not in love with any of them, would like something short so just looking for ideas please!!!!!
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
When you say short are you talking about one-syllable names? Cian Liam Adam Tom Paul Dave James Joshua Ben Ollie Seán Aodh Rory Senan Sam Evan Alex Adam Conor Alan Aidan They're just the ones I can think of off the top of my head! There was a thread about Irish boys names in the last week if you do a search for it you might get some inspiration there. I'm the opposite - we've our boy's name picked but having difficulty with a girls name
Isy1 Posts: 43
I find the boys names easier to pick than the girls, I've already picked a few boys names and will wait until closer to the time for the girls. Eoin Luke Daniel Jason Joe Good luck, sometimes it's in the last week that you pick a name you will love.
Snoopee Posts: 25
Max Rían Ryan Ben Tiernan Cian Harry Toby Tim Billy Tom