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fije Posts: 51
Hi, I'm getting married in July next year and we were planning on having wedding at Breaffy House in Castlebar. But I've heard some bad reports. just wondering if any of you had heard any good/bad reports?
mrsnearlythere Posts: 474
H Fije, we are in exactly the same boat! have heard some proper horror stories from rat infestation to no hot water in the hotel for two days! :ooh :ooh :ooh I went on trip advisor and read a horrific review from a guest who attended a wedding there! At this stage i am sufficiently scared enough to have booked to see some other hotels that have our date free. I am not sure how much truth there is in any of the stories but I am haviing serious second thoughts on having our reception there! Its such a shame as the location and look of the hotel is so romantic!
fije Posts: 51
Hi Mrsnearlythere I'm getting bit scared now!! I did hear that they had a complete overhaul of managers before Christmas so hopefully any problems will be sorted out. My sis got married there and everything was great but that was 10 yrs ago!
juneb Posts: 25
hi mrsnearlythere, fije Totally understand what ye on bout. I think they having a fair soon Lisloughrey Lodge in Cong, looks fab. Perhaps try that if either of you are browsing.
mrsnearlythere Posts: 474
argghhhh!!! O:| O:| O:| Its such a gamble to take, I know they have loads of time to sort things out before our day, but what if they dont! so, going to pop in there for lunch the day we go to see the other hotels and then at least we have our own opinion to take into account as well! The worse thing is we are in the UK so can't just pop over to the hotel when we get wind of these sort of stories!
fije Posts: 51
Have just read the reviews on trip advisor - Now I'm really having kittens!!
caz09 Posts: 28
hi girls i'm in the exact same boat too!! booked my wedding for may next year.. i was having serious second thoughts - but a girl i worked with was actually at a wedding there at christmas and she said the meal and service was great.. and she stayed over night and said the room was lovely..
mrsnearlythere Posts: 474
Now I really don't know what to do! O:| Have booked flights home for March and have arranged to see some other hotels, will go and take a look anyhow I think. My mum is wrecking my head about the whole thing so if nothing else it will get her off my case if I go and even look at other places! :o0
glamourpuss Posts: 58
I'm from Castlebar and I'm sorry to say it doesn't have a good rep.The hotels with the best reviews in the area are Mount Falcon outside Ballina,Knockranny Westport,Lisloughrey Cong.
jadem Posts: 1787
we were at a wedding there 2 years ago and did'nt gave any problem but obviously a lot has changed,if it is really as bad as everybody has heard i would def change hotel as on the day u would be very stressed about hotel. Good luck wit everything