breastfed 3 week old and poop question??

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wishingwell Posts: 253
hi, as in the title hav a 3 week old girl, am breastfeeding, she feeds very well, is putting on weight, has plenty of wet nappies and sleeping great. so my question is she poops normally 3/4 times a day and the poop is quite watery, colour is fine, however at times during the day she strains and struggles to poop, goes red in the face, it doesnt over bother her though. when she does poop also its like a little explosion..i hav read that it can take time for a new born to master the task of pooping and build up muscles, i just want to know if anyone else has experienced this with their lo and if so did they go to their gp?? it cant be constipation as she is wetting nappies and the poop is watery, cheers for any feedback :)
CestMoi Posts: 2162
I don't know about the watery poop, but maybe you could ask the PHN or if you have health insurance maybe ring their nurse line? I remember a stage where DS used to wake up and have an explosion in the pram, before I'd feed him. So there does seem to be a phase that the poo exploded out of him. I rang the nurseline before when he seemed constipated and one thing that she asked me was to check that I was drinking enough water, also to watch what you eat because it might effect them too. I had to increase up my water intake and this did help.