Bridesmaid Dresses 2010-2011

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Junebride2011 Posts: 117
Hi Can anyone recommend where to go for bridesmaid dresses in Dublin? I'm finding it hard trying to find what i'm looking for!! Thanks :thnk :thnk
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Try Alexanders on Parnell Street, opposite UGC Cinema? There's a bridal shop and right across the road, a seperate bridesmaid/flower girl shop. As far as I know, you don't need an appointment, though obviously it'll be busy and you'll have to wait at peak times. SO maybe midweek, earlier in the morning might be better if you just want to pop in for a look. I'm not having bridesmaids myself, but I went into the bridal section and the staff were lovely and the dresses were lovely too. I ended up going for another dress in another shop, but I had a top three and Alexanders had two dresses in the top three! Hope this helps!
Junebride2011 Posts: 117
Thanks for that i'll keep it in mind :thnk