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icandance Posts: 1
Hi Guys, This is my first post only new to this. Just have a quick question for everybody! Why do a lot of you give out about your bridesmaids so much?? My understanding of the whole bridesmaid thing is that they organise your hens or help you do it yourself and then the day of the wedding be at your beck and call. A lot of you however think thye should basically put their lives on hold for you til the wedding is over when at the end of the day its your wedding not theirs. Sorry but i'm just amazed at the amount of b8tching that goes on about bridesmaids.
MOKAN Posts: 35
You must be very lucky and have great bridesmaids. This is just a place to let off steam and say things that you may never say to their face.
sue27 Posts: 604
I know that's the way it should be, but from what I've read here, some girls are just very unlucky with the bridesmaids. Even if you are not expecting a lot from them, just helping out and being happy and enthusiatic for you, it can turn nasty, cause frankly, some girls are just horrible. How far along are you with your wedding plans? Cause once you are in the middle of it, you will start to understand. Or else you just ARE really lucky. as the previous reply said, this is just a place to get things of your chest and get other opinions, cause sometimes it's easy to overreact.
scotswedding Posts: 2829
I think a lot of people ask people to be their BM because they have to (sisters, cousins etc). You should be a BM because you want to and I suppose when people are asked they feel obliged to say yes. None of my friends who've go married had nasty BMs thank God and I do wonder what kind of people some of the B2Bs on here have as friends. Another thing is that a people really don't realise how obsessed girls become with planning their wedding and everything about it until it happens to them. I'm sure some of the girls that now give out about their bridesmaids might be blanking out their lacklustre efforts to be BM to someone else in the past...
misfitz Posts: 370
I agree with MOKAN just sometimes everyone needs to let off steam. I know i had a post yesterday but was just frustrated but im over it now. I would never expect my bm to put my wedding before there personal lives. just letting off steam.
tee Posts: 39
Yeah, I've noticed that. My younger sis is mine and she's useless. To be honest I think it's funny, she's a feather head like me and I love her to bits. She extremely happy for me and if she wasn't, I'd be hurt. We have a big gap though in our ages, 10 years. She's so pretty (prettier than me by far) - at least I'm smaller than her - one thing on my side!