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Grace Ann Posts: 2464
has anyone ever been? Is it a nice city to visit? :thnk
gerbil Posts: 3528
half my family are belgian :) Brussels is a vibrant city and the Golden Squre/old city and certain areas are lovely but in recent years it has got quite soulless (imo) though i suppose you can say that of anywhere. definitely worth going to, but The best place to visit in Belgium is Bruges O-O blooming gorgeous and a great place to spend a weekend, ime!
SaJa Posts: 4282
4 of us went there about 4 years ago for 2 days and we had a fab time. Did a bus tour of the city which was great. Fab weather and lovely food.
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
thanks ladies *) thinking about taking h2b there as a birthday pressie. as we havent gotten away this year I thought it might be nice as we've been saving hard for the wedding. :thnk
gerbil Posts: 3528
go for it, even if you end up not rating brussels itself you can get trains to most of Flanders in about an hour /90 minutes - you could go visit lots of places. :o)ll
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
oh goody! :o)ll it will be great just to get away for a few days and relax. *) thanks!
Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
Just wanted to say I've been there a couple of times & liked it a lot! You'd see it all in a day, but the shopping is very good IMO, & as someone else said, Bruges isn't far away & is absolutely GORGEOUS. I've also gone to Amsterdam from Brussels a few times- it's 3 hours by train- you could even go on a day trip!
Liela Posts: 181
Hi Grace Ann, Iv'e been there a few times and love it. The restaurants are brilliant. The best place for Moules Frites (Belgian speciali ty) is Aux Armes des Bruxelles just off the Grand Place/Grose Markt on the street with all the resturants, hard to miss. The town is compact and great for walking around. The buildings are beautiful. There is a great museum around the corner from the Royal Palace and the Churches are just so lovely. We went to Bruges too. It was gorgeous but we went in February and it was sooooo cold but so atmospheric. It was snowing and we popped into a lovely pub and had hot chocolate. Another belgian speciality. Also there is the beer! Best beer in the world. If you go check the average annual temperature for that time of year. Its gorgeous in summer. Hope you have a great time. :wv
Miss_M Posts: 877
Oldgirl Posts: 35
Just back from a weekend in Bruges / Brussels. Flew into Brussels Friday night and got the train to Bruges. Stayed in the Rosenburg hotel - €105 per room per nigth b&B - full brekkie too not just a continental selection. Bruges is stunning - walked around, went to the Salvador Dali Expo, took a boat ride on the canal (Bruges is referred to as the Venice of the north). Had lovely food and lovely beers. Left Bruges early Sunday morning and spent yesterday in Brussels. Beautiful city but not a whole lot to do in it. Had a fab weekend and really enjoyed it but couldn't believe the rudeness of the waiting staff in every single restaurant we ate in - things like walking off while they are in the middle of taking your order, leaving you sitting with no menus for 20 odd minutes, talking to their mates - that kind of stuff. I had never experienced it before and it was in every one of the restaurants and on the public transport. Thankfully the hotel and bar staff were much better - couldn't be nicer.