Buying wedding dress in new york

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sineaddiamond Posts: 96
Hi girls I am going to new york in january and was hoping to buy my dress while im there. Have any of ye done this before if so where should i go and how long did it take to arrive to you. Im the end did you save much money or should i just get my dress here. Thanks Sinead
Layla_D Posts: 80
Hi there Im just back from NY after some shopping and wound up getting my dress here in Dublin. I did the round of a few shops here before I went so I knew what I liked, what was available here and for how much. I saw one dress the day before i went that I loved. Im not very bridey so the whole dress search was freaking me out a bit, as I wasnt falling in love but I dodnt think Im the kind of girl who ever will fall in love with a dress! I went to a few lovely shops - depends on your budget probably - but Vera wang (I just had to go see what the fuss was about and it was lovely and way cheaper than here), Mark Ingram bridal atelier (had huge sale on - up to 80%), Kleinfelds (biggest wedding dress shop in US), and Bridal reflections (really liked them) and also Bergdorfs was fab. Kleinfelds overwhelmed me completely - I wound up crying in there because I was too stressed and I couldnt decide. :o( I did see some very different dresses that I would never have gotten at home. In the end I found the dress I liked in Dublin but it was only about e300 cheaper than home and I would have to organise getting it home in 6 months - and if I had to pay customs (as I know I should be!) then the dress would actually have wound up more expensive. I decided it wasnt worth the hassle and the day I came home from new york I went to town and bought the dress here. Job done! :lvs That said I did see some other dresses that were significantly cheaper over there. Bear in mind the dollar rate isnt great at the moment so savings arent what they were. Have fun though - and dont be a ridiculous stress head like I was!! :o0