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Blitz Posts: 583
Was at a wedding fayre recently and there were several cake stand so H2B and I decided to try a few.. To our surprise while all the cakes looked gorgeous some were much nicer than others - in particular one very trendy looking companys cakes looked really gorg but didnt particularly taste nice. Anyways plan to do a bit of looking around for a cake soon and was wondering if you call with a supplier to look at what they do can they give you a sample - cos now we realise that we want our cake to be tasty as well as pretty if you know what i mean. Dont want them to think im cheeky BUT they can be quite expensive - so wondering what is the norm :)
coolkeevs Posts: 483
not sure but id imagine if they were lookin the business they would only be too happy to let you sample their work, to be honest im not that bothered as to what it tastes like so long as it looks good.
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
I always ask when someone rings to make an apt would they like to taste a sample of one of their prospective tiers. I bake my samples fresh so that the B&G get a taste of what their cake will be like on the day. Cut it into a small piece, big enough for two and then I ice it, because the icing is all part of the taste too. There is usually enough left over for a doggy bag and so far everyone I've done this for has been delighted with the little extra for their tea that evening, lol. But because I'm only a small business - so far. I only offer a sample of one tier because it wouldn't be feasible for me to bake three cakes fresh, just to give away a slice. Some companies keep frozen pieces for prospective clients, but a cake that has been frozen tastes slightly different. I think you wouldn't buy your dress without fitting or even your invitations without seeing a mock-up, so you shouldn't buy a cake without knowing how it will taste.
Blitz Posts: 583
Thank you sparklymum - that makes me feel a little better.. I was afraid that they mite think I had been watching too many episodes of Bridezilla :) Its just that some of the cakes can be expensive and like you pointed out you wouldnt buy dress or invites without having a good look. I have no problem even buying a slab of the cake..especially if its from a bakery or something and taking it home with me.. Just need to get the finger out and start looking *)
hilcruise12 Posts: 30
Hi, Taste is so important. If you don't care about taste you may aswell go to Marks & Spencers for one of their generic cakes. If a cake company is truly confident about their cakes they will be very happy to let you sample. I do however agree with Sparklymum about the feasibility of smaller companies being able to make samples. Usually most of my customers like to sample my chocolate biscuit cake and I have no problem handing that out as it always seals the deal for me. When ever going to a wedding fair I usually only bring Choc Bisc cake with me because I find sponge dries out quickly. People always come back for more. PM me if you would like my details and perhaps I could give you a quote. I am based in Wexford but deliver to venues in Dublin and most of the South east.
new year BTB Posts: 413
I'm going to taste my wedding cake next week. I wouldn't have even thought about it but the lady in the shop suggested it. I will be tasting choc biscuit, carrot cake, lemon caake and sponge cake. Then will decide on what to have. :)
Blitz Posts: 583
My weddings in NI :( We really loved the chocolate biscult cake we tasted that was the reason we wanted to taste others before buying - really nice!!