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babe06 Posts: 898
Well how are ye all? Surviving? Its weird isn't it. Is definitely getting easier mind but I did get an awful fright at first! Now i feel i can cope with teh bad days and the good days are just amazing. Where do the days go though? Having a shower is a luxury at this stage! And someone has neglested to tell my DH that life changes after you have a baby and you have to give up some of your leisure activities!! Eoghan is doing great but up until last week the reflux was a nightmare. He was actually starting to choke on what was coming back up on a regular basis. Noone would beleive me and he ended up getting very chesty and coughing constantly so we ended up in Crumlin where i was told I was an over anxious mother! I went to my Gp the next day and she said he was just chesty and on the verge of a chest infection and would probably always be like that. I kept saying I was sure it was related to his feeding but she said it wasn't. then my mam took him for an afternoon and when I came back she said there was something seriously wrong with him as she had fed 6 children and none fed like that!! He would litterally be choking and coughing with the bottle. So brought him to another pediatrician and he said I wasn't mad!! All classic symptoms of relfux which was getting worse so he's on zantec now and carobel to thicken his bottles and fingers crossed he seems alot better. Still have bad days when he wont really eat much but I know how to cope now and also know tomorrow is usually better. He is the smiliest giggliest baby so even in pain he's a dote. Trying to get a routine but it's hopeless!! Some nights he'll go from 9 or 10 till 4 or 5 sometimes even 6 - he'll do this for two nights then he'll wake at 3 and then again at 7 and screw the whole routine up!! He's over a stone now (at 8 weeks) so still huge and very heavey! anyway best go - put on a wash!! Atleast the carobel is helping to keep down his feed now - we were on 3 or 4 outfits a day for both of us!! Not sure of the long term effects of it though - it seems very sweet and he's pooing for Ireland so abit nervous about it. Anyone no anything about it? If ye get a chance let us know how ye're all getting on - dying to know. Takecare - til; hte next time I get to log on!!
babe06 Posts: 898
have just seen a post on Mums forum - so copied mesage to there!!