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Ramoi Posts: 80
...eating! Please help, I was a really heavy smoker and gave up 7 weeks ago when I found out we were expecting. Am finding it really hard and on top that my appetite and increased something shocking. To make it worse have really bad bloating and other not so pleasant side effects of pregnancy. I'm drinking buckets of natural juices. Anybody any other tips to help with bloatedness etc. Tks. R :oops:
ros Posts: 749
Hello There, Don't worry, you're not alone. It's like since I found out I was pregnant (in October), I've given myself a license to eat, LOADS. I can't say no to chocolate and in a constant state of craving junk food. I have piled on weight so far even though I'm normally quite slim. I started off at around 62.5 kilos, and am now over 66, so it's creeping up on me slowly. What I'm trying to do now is keep plenty of fresh fruit and veg near me (even though up to now, I've done that and ignored the fruit and veg in my bag and just gone to the nearest vending machine for chocolate/bickies/crisps - DOH!). Every day I make a new pact with myself to stop eating so much crap... but up to now it's not really worked. I try to exercise by walking the dogs for over an hour about 4 times a week but have become a bit lazy in that regard now too.... this week I haven't gone at all. Ahhhh, someone save us from becoming 100 ton mamas!! Listen though, fair play to you for giving up the fags! I would be twice as bad if I had to do that. I gave up for good and for glory when we started TTC so that wasn't too long ago either, but I'd been weaning myself off them for yonks really. All the best and let me know if you find any miracle cures for binge eating! xxx MM05