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flybride Posts: 54
anyone know where in Dublin I could source some ivory large and thick candles for table centres.... not like church candles which are too narrow but something maybe about 12cm in diameter. Looked in Dunnes and Habitat and nada - going to go for cream candles with bridesmaid dress coloured ribbon around the base on mirror with tea lights supplied by the hotel around the candles..... any other suggestions????? O-O
newbe Posts: 276
Sounds lovely. I love candles and the tea lights will really set it all off. What about Au Natural? there candles are generally priced very reasonably.
Muzzy Posts: 70
what about contacting Rathbourne candles - the candle makers? They might have what you are looking for? Muzzy
flybride Posts: 54
thanks for tips gals - newby, where are Au Natural??
newbe Posts: 276
Hi Flybride I live in the North, not sure if they have outlets in the South but there is one in Newry. They are part of the clothes chain "International" and Au Natural do all the housholdy stuff. Hope this helps.
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
Postage for heavy items could cancel out any saving but have you tried ebay and the like?