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dusky1 Posts: 115
Hi girls Cant believe i went for my 1st dress fitting today n since my last visit my measurements have gone up by 2 inches due to working out in the Gym!!!! O:| Isn't that crazy!!i haven't put on any weight but my work out has increase my bust size so now my dress is too tight >:o( Has this happened to anyone else??aparently the girls in bridal shop said that has happened to so many brides and bridesmaids when they start working out So the moral of the story is ya stay skinner watching tv then working ur butt off at the gym!!! :o0
snow09bride Posts: 356
hasnt happened to me yet- thats probably why there is dust on the treadmill :o0
NemoFish Posts: 2501
Ya I'm on a diet at the mo, and they take my measurements every few weeks. My legs were never particulalry fat, but apparently now they have gotten a bit bigger!!! Its all the running I asume!
wah Posts: 1414
oh but i bet you have buns of steel and boobs by the sound of things :o0 instead of the blubber i have and seriously need to get my act together and do something about
windycity Posts: 2241
what kind of exercises were you doing that your bust has increase if you dont mind me asking? x
looey Posts: 624
[quote="socantwait":1y3syurt]what kind of exercises were you doing that your bust has increase if you dont mind me asking? x[/quote:1y3syurt] I agree it sounds like you are doing a particular exercise that is building up your upper body, are you rusing the rower alot! Maybe try an dsick to the bike, take up spinning and just do light work on your upper body like the cross trainer. Stepper is good too.
dusky1 Posts: 115
Hi girls well my H2B isn't complaining!!! :o0 The exercises i was doing was shoulder n chest press and a shoulder pull down.this is what the trainer gave me so i have an appointment on wed for a diff programme,i agree dat i'm better off doing more cardio n less upper body. I just couldn't believe it so just try on ur dress a couple of times b4 the big day so ya dont have dat many alterations!!! xoxo
xwishingx Posts: 600
I've never been to gym, but h2b got a home gym thing and rower here at house, is there any exercises I could do to lift my bust iynwim, I am slim (not toned O:| ) but a 34 DD, and they starting to head south...........anything I could do to bring them up again!