Cant stop decorating! Is anyone else the same?

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mamabrod Posts: 830
Girls, I am like a woman possessed! For the new arrival we have decorated the living room, new sofa, curtains, wallpaper, paint, the works! Then we decorated nursery from scratch, literally gutted room, new carpet, curtains, all new furniture, then I have a dressing room that we did up from scratch I have ordered new carpet for the entire house cos I want it all matching..... We have also got bathrooms freshened up, new storage etc....Its like a compulsion! I am like a woman possessed!!! We cant really afford it either but its like I cant stop, not stuff for myself like clothes etc, hardly have any clothes that fit TBH but cant stop with the house! I am usually so careful with money! DH has said carpets are last thing I am getting done in u reckon this is just hormones or what!!?? :eek
lush11 Posts: 2877
I was the exact same when i was pregnant. My hubbie would come home from work and i'd have the contents of my cupboards out cleaning or a tin or paint in hand. I was completely possessed.
mamabrod Posts: 830
[quote="lush11":1wsw9iim]I was the exact same when i was pregnant. My hubbie would come home from work and i'd have the contents of my cupboards out cleaning or a tin or paint in hand. I was completely possessed.[/quote:1wsw9iim] LOL at least you were doing the decorating yourself! I am making the plans but he is left to execute them! well the big jobs anyway! but i bet after you had baby you were glad you had it all done? I am sure we wont have much time afterwards!
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I'm the same, we've had things we want done in the house for the last year and I'm making him do them all now! DD's bedroom is getting an overhaul (well, we're moving her into her new room so doing it up) and I'm constantly rearranging the playroom. I'm seriously considering going and buying paint for it on Saturday and trying to get it done while he's away with DD for the day... I keep having to stop myself from moving furniture though, that's a less good idea.
wifetob Posts: 936
LOL :o0 It doesn't stop - I am also like a woman possessed in Next/Mothercare/Pumpkin Patch - am OBSESSED with getting DS clothes/jammies hell even comfy socks :yelrotflmaosmilie: Tell your hubby to get used to it :o0
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I've had a serious case of nesting the past week or two. In fairness, we had put lots of small jobs on the long finger so this weekend we got in gear and got LOADS done. Also last night our TV signal was gone for a few hours and we did a massive clear out of our spare room and filled bags of rubbish and bags for the charity shops. This weekend we're giving the baby's room a big going over, we've loads of stuff we never use so we're going to be ruthless! It actually felt great to get rid of so much stuff and have space to use properly again!
Twirl Posts: 5598
We were/ are the same ACS, had loads of little bits on the long finger and money went on other things rather than just getting one thing in the house done but last weekend hubby did loads. We have to get a builder/carpenter in for the babs new room and i cannot wait til we get that ball rolling. If i had a few bob extra at the moment i would have him in this weekend :o0 .
ohsotired Posts: 7071
We had a big clear out last weekend - I got rid of loads of clothes that don't fit me & vacuum packed the stuff I want to keep for after baby arrives! Got rid of loads of crap out of the spare bedroom but now have to wait until the bin gets collected next Tuesday to go again! It's scary the amount of stuff we dumped - the house doesn't look like much is gone :o0
Sodapop Posts: 3220
I've heard about "nesting" which you get nearer towards your due date but i'm only 9 weeks and this weekend I was like a woman possessed - decluttering and tidying up - I dont want our new baby to be in a house full of unworn clothes and clutter and ideally I want the nursery to only have the baby's stuff. I feel better to have cleared it out - but I've sooo much to do - only did one room and that took 2 days! we have 3 storage rooms full of "junk" - I have to get stuck in!