Cash Bar in Ireland?

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NikkiWireland Posts: 9
Hello all! I'm getting married in Ireland in September. My fiance is from there, and I'm from the states, so it's kind of destination for myself and my family/friends, but "local" from him and his family/friends. I am looking for advice on how to position to the American's that this is a "cash bar"... in America, you ONLY do open bar, as it's included in the prices. Irish weddings are much more expensive in comparison, although the prices after conversion seem similar to one in America, the big difference is that it does not include open bar! I know this is normal in Ireland, but how do I tell my American wedding guests without causing a lot of drama? To be honest we are already going way overboard with our spend for this wedding and really can't afford to pay for everyone's drinks even if we wanted to! We do however plan to pay for drinks at cocktail hour, 2 drinks per person at dinner, and from there on guests are responsible for their own drinks. We already sent out invites, so the only way to really tell people is putting in on my wedding website.... but I risk people not noticing it! Another way is word of mouth but then it get's gossipy... Any thoughts/suggestions??? O:|
excitedlady Posts: 431
Hi, I think since the invites have already gone out the best thing to do is to contact those who have accepted your invitation to let them know. I think that you are providing a fair bit of drink already and I'm sure if they have paid flights and accommodation to Ireland then they won't mind paying for a few additional drinks. Ps... there's a reason us Irish don't do an open bar.... none of us could afford to get married!
NikkiWireland Posts: 9
:o)ll Thanks so much! Yea it seems like it would be SO expensive in Ireland!!! The costs are much higher, and the weddings go on for far longer, so I definately understand why it's not included!
Tweedle Posts: 51
Hi Nikki, I know I'm late to the party with this post - I hope it has all worked out well in the meantime! I'm really interested to know how this went for you. There will be a group of guests travelling from America to attend our wedding too, and I need to break the news to them about the cash bar system - I know it's something that probably wouldn't even register with them, as it's not the done thing in the States, and I don't want there to be any nasty surprises for them on the day! I'm hoping that they'll understand that this is just the way things are done here. I'm sure there won't be any issues and they'll be lovely about it, it's just an awkward issue to have to clarify - especially when it seems to be such a huge deal on the American etiquette forums. :eek I hope you'll have a fabulous wedding here!
Aisie Posts: 1
Does anyone know a company that does cash bars in Ireland??? Would love to get some contacts?!