Christmas gift ideas

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Beedy Posts: 112
Just wondering what others are hoping to get this Christmas! DH wants ideas for my pressie this year and I can't really think of anything! Don't feel like getting maternity clothes or baby stuff (I'll be 6 months pregnant by Xmas) as I feel those things are functional rather than treats and I've plenty spa vouchers, jewellery and an iphone. Ideas girls?! Thanks
Blitz Posts: 583
Some nice 'flat' boots for the new year, new jammies & dressing gown, make up, a kindle?? Do you need a new camera or a camcorder so you can take pics of your little one.. A nice handbag or vouchers for some new clothes after the baby is born?
mamajen Posts: 2263
I'm getting a kindle, which is a good thing cos I read alot and have no more room for new books!
Beedy Posts: 112
thanks girls, I was thinking of a kindle alright as I read loads.
fcx Posts: 119
Whats a kindle? I am hoping to get a weekend away, some pampering and quality time together and if that doesnt come I keep entering competitions for weekends away like this one: ... -Away.aspx So one way another I best get my weekend! So looking forward to the Christmas break too :xxs