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Country Bride Posts: 20
Hi All Cork Brides, My wedding isn't for another year and a half but I have the big things booked now and I am thinking about music for the church next. I would like singer(s) with a music accompain, e.g harp.....etc. It would also be great if they could come to the hotel for the pre-drinks reception. Has anyone any suggestions? How much does the music for the church cost roughly?
roma2011 Posts: 1208
Hiya, I would check with the Cork School of Music. My sis studies there and I know people she studies with have played at numerous weddings and functions. I'd imagine that they'd be a lot more reasonable when still in college, whilst still being just as talented. Her housemate in particular springs to mind, she has the most amazing silvery voice but is moving to America soon. I'd love her for my own wedding but no joy :o( Actually, none of my sisters friends will be around - all emmigrating the end of this year when they graduate (sign of the times maybe) but defo you should enquire about current second or third years. :wv
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
Siobhan Oliver, Caroline Faraher and Ryan Morgan are on the suppliers list here for Cork area, so check them out, they all get rave reviews and are extremely helpful and professional. They are also all competitvley priced. They all have connections in the music world and hooking up with a harpist or any other musician of your choice would be no problem to them at all. The average price per musician for the church music is €200 per musician but this can vary depending on travel, experience and repitoire. I know all of them do reception drinks too, so that would not be a problem. Hope this helps you out. Sinead
Country Bride Posts: 20
Thank you for your replies, they are really helpful, i love this forum :o)ll
Ashmore Video Productions Posts: 555
Siobhan Oliver is true professional & lovely to deal with.Have met Siobhan on a few occasions & the feedback was really positive from the brides.
mrsoriordan Posts: 846
hiya. h2b's sister does wedding singing. she's fab..from is (pictures are there since her first album she 21 now)