Church music - Donegal, help, any ideas???

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july2009bride Posts: 532
I'm getting married in East Donegal in 2009 and need advice on hiring musicians and singer. I'm not even sure where to start or if it's too early to be looking so any help, as always, is gratefully received. Oh by the way if you're wondering what I'm doing up at this hour I've grabbed a quick break on night duty!!
overthemoon99 Posts: 527
hi july 2009 bride, :wv sorry i've no advice for you, i need to ask the same question my self!!!! i'm from ballybofey in donegal but our church is booked out the day of our wedding so we're getting married in my H2B parrish in Newtoncunnigham. so any ideas would be a huge help too!!!!!!!!!!
rey Posts: 496
Hi, I'm not sure if this website would be of any help to you [url:2g8vsj9i][/url:2g8vsj9i] I found a few suppliers on it. I'm getting married in Portnoo (near Ardara) and the singer I'm using is from Dungloe...Her name is Pauline Glackin and you can hear some demos of her voice on [url:2g8vsj9i][/url:2g8vsj9i] Her brother accompnaies her on guitar and I can let you know whate she's likein one months time!!!!!
overthemoon99 Posts: 527
hi thanks for that, rey will check it out. are you getting maried in a month????? you must be so excited :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
DSVB Posts: 57
Hi July 2009 Bride, check out the Celtic Music Agency, there listed on the suppliers directory, they are based in Donegal as far as i know and sound great.
NewMrs Posts: 125
I'm having a saprano and organist, Barbara Edwards is the saprano's name her contact details are on the WOL supplier directory. She is based in Laghey. If you have a look at a few of the Donegal hotels websites they normally give a list of musicians. There is also a wedding website for Donegal which may be helpful. I'm getting married in Donegal town next month, we sourced suppliers from everywhere so if you need any other names, numbers just pm and I'll do my best. Best of luck with the planning.
smiley08 Posts: 825
i think u are far too early to be looking into church music i,m august 08 and got strange answers when i rang six months ago about church music