Cleaning up language around baby??

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tasket Posts: 306
DS is only 5 months old but my friends already have a bet on that his first word will be Feck! My language is atrocious, so is Dh's but to be honest I'm almost worse. :-8 I worked with a bunch of men for a few years and it just got so bad...a few years ago I tried to clean it up but I only got as far as using Feck instead of F*ck! Anyway petty I know but I was just wondering if anyone else is thinking about this! :o0
bibikay Posts: 644
Oh - me too! DH rarely swears, but I can be known to drop a choice word or two whenever I get frustrated/annoyed..... and if "feck" was the strongest word I used I wouldn't be too stressed !!!! I think SH*TE will be DS's first word :-8 Must start curbing it though, as in only another couple of months DS will start understanding me.
MrsHappy* Posts: 2496
I don't usually curse unless I'm really peeved. But hubbie's language is brutal at times. I'd tried getting him to say "Fiddlesticks" instead of "F*%K" but it never really caught on!!! :o0 He better clean it up before junior arrives or he/she will have a mouth like a sewer!!!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Well... it's funny, cause my brother and myself grew up around a Dad who can't say a straight sentence without at least a f**k in it if not worse and still does !!! However, my brother NEVER curses and I very rarely do. So... didn't do us any harm, I think we were so blasee about bad language we never used it, there was no novelty in it !
luigi Posts: 867
I dont swear very often; my mother is really well spoken even though my dad isn't so it kind of rubbed off, but H2B has seriously cleaned up his language. Our wee man is not really making much attempt at words yet, he just likes to make lots of noise and shouts, but hopefully soon.
Elliecat Posts: 2725
No kids yet hopefully soon, but both DH and I willseriously need to clean up our act. We're both really bad but dh is horrendous, he cannot say a sentance without at least one f*ck in it, no matter who he is talking to and I've definitely got worse since I've moved in with him. I hate it when you see wee kids cursing, its horrible.
jen2 Posts: 3106
I just found I did it automatically. Especailly as the baby grew into a toddler. Sh uses bad language, but my DD who is 9 also gives out to him. She hates bad words. Wonder what she will be like when she is older. Jen2
Septbride Posts: 380
I think no matter how good you are every child goes though the 'bad words' stage I think the hard bit is trying to keep in the shocked giggles when it does happen!!! My Mam is giving out to me now for cursing infront of the baby !!!!!!! I have tried to assure her that although baby may be able to hear me Im almost sure he/she can't understand my vocab!!!