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Mrsmonoiam Posts: 417
Hi wollies! So its 5 weeks to my hen. :o)ll And a friend of mine pointed out to me, when will i be collecting money. The hotel only required a cc number and didnt dawn on me until now that if anyone cancelled it would be outta my card. The hotel require full payment if someone doesnt come on the day. What Im wondering is, just I ask each girl upfront for money??? If so, how much? Its 120 in total for hotel,bus and activity....Dont like asking for money for Im afraid if anyone cancels we will be left with a huge bill for hotel and bus. What would ye ask for??
holyshitballs Posts: 851
I think it would be hard to get the full amount this side of Christmas with payday so far away. Any hen do I have been on we paid a deposit to whoever was organising it (bride/bridesmaid/whoever) about 3 months before hen and the rest of the payment was spread over the following months. I personally would only ask for around £50 now and another £50 at the end of the month, leaving the £20 the day the hen starts. Some of your hens may pay in full now but I think if you ask for full payment now, you will end up with drop outs as people won't have the money available.
Mrsmonoiam Posts: 417
Great, thank you! Sounds good to me! A hen party I was at last year we just paid on the day ourselves but 3 girls never showed up so the chief bridesmaid ended up paying for the 3 girls and never got it back!! :thnk
holyshitballs Posts: 851
I know, they can be a nightmare to plan! Hope all goes well and everyone goes, you'll have a ball regardless.
bellee Posts: 441
We started planning my hen last OCt & knew the hotel wanted a deposit in feb so to avoid the January blues we asked people to pay half before Xmas - having given them 2months notice!now to b honest 70% have paid up but others r comin n bit by bit! It's a tortuous job I know but having organised my friends hen last Yr and collecting money this way - 2 girls pulled out last minute but the deposit was paid so da room cost was more or less made up for. it's a tough one but I do think it's fairly standard to ask for a hen deposit of 50%+.
I organised a hen recently at pretty short notice maybe 8 weeks beforehand.. and got enough to cover the deposit plus 10euro which paid the hotel and left enough to have hen decorations and things bought and then 2 weeks beforehand i got the balance. I didnt realise this wasnt the done thing until on the day everyone was telling me how great it was that they didnt have to sort out money with the hotel and all they had to bring was their spending money. I dealt with the hotel directly and settled with them on check out no hassles. I thought i was going to be short with changes people were making re rooms and meals etc but worked out in the end i had enough to buy a round of shots for all so was fine. That being said ours was a one night thing so not alot of money involved. I guess the earlier u ask for it the easier it is on people depending on the amount of money involved.