combined care 2012 scan appointments

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Autumn Mama Posts: 750
I've signed up for the combined care scheme my GP gave me a list of when the appointments will be I'm going with Mount Carmel and they are scanning me at 10 weeks, but then according to the list of appointments I won't be back at the hospital until 28 weeks is everyone not supposed to get a 20 week scan?
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
I would imagine the list your GP gave you was a standard combined care schedule for a public patient. I didnt get any list at all, but as a public patient i had a hospital appointment at 14 weeks, and will be back again at 28weeks. Im sure Mount Carmel have their own schedule of appointment and scans which will be more frequent and should included your 20week scan id say.
Autumn Mama Posts: 750
thanks boodles I should've realised there'd be a standard care list just re-read the letter about my first scan and it says i'll have another scan at 22 weeks and 34 weeks should've checked the letter first before posting here :-8
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Not every hospital does 20-week scan but obviously you have since found out yours does! Some do a dating scan or anomoly or combined or both! I was in the Coombe twice so far due to hyperemesis but otherwise wouldn't have my first non-scan appointment until 28 weeks! At the GP next week for 24 week appointment!