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Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
This is completely off the topic of P&B but I'm just sick and tired of being taken advantage of in work. Absolutely no consideration is made bacause I'm pregnant (not that I'm looking for special treatment, but a little compassion and cop on would be appreciated). I started in this job (got a promotion, in Nov 08 internally, so they didn't even put me on the same salary as the guy who was leaving) and was responsible for 3 product groups... this is a full time job in itself. there was a vacancy for a regional sales manager, so until this place was filled, I also had to deal with this as an added bonus (the role is being filled on Wed, and by the time the new person is up to seppd, I'll be on maternity leave). Then in April, I was told I had to take responsibility of 2 additional accounts, which I still have and has nothing to do with Product Management! Then in November, I was told that I had 2 additional product groups (which are more engineered and specific, which I don't have the expertise to be dealing with, and even tho I aired this as a concern, it didn't matter). Now another regional sales manager has handed in his notice (but hasn't been contactable since the beg of Jan, so I have HAD to deal with his queries) and is finishing at the end of Feb, and I have to do all the work intermittantly until this role is filled too! AAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH - I just think my head is going to explode, and even though I'm getting bigger by the day, I'm being spread WAY to thinly and I'm not able to focus on anything and get it finished! sorry guys, just think this is ridiculously unfair (especially since I was supposed to have my annual review in Nov, which I was told, would be dealt with before I finish up in March. Eh Hello, thats like 5 months late!!!! end rant.....
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
God you poor thing. you must be shattered with all the extra responsiblitity. Can you speak to a manager or someone senior and tell them that you feel a bit swamped? Maybe they will try to distribute the work more evenly if you speak up?
marianf Posts: 5845
Shower of gobsh*tes. Well Psycho Sue, you have to put yourself and baby ahead of work and if you start feeling stressed, get yourself off to the doctor! I am completely against people getting certs so that they can have a little rest when pg, but maybe you should go to doc and get him/her to sign you off for a few days for stress. Might make your employer cop on a bit, especially if they thought that there was a chance, you'd be signed off on maternity leave early!!
Mammy101 Posts: 446
That's terrible alright! TBH I think workplace discrimination is still alive and well in today's society!! I too have been subjected to some discriminatory acts in the workplace, since I got an internal promotion, and announced my pregnancy - my problems were being done from one particular person, and luckily enough I was able to get them dealt with through HR. Does your company have a HR Dept? Or HR spokesperson? You should approach this person, and tell them that you feel like you're being unfairly treated: excessive workload, not being paid equally, not having your review take place promptly, etc, etc. Basically everything you've told us, you should tell this person. You should find out WHY all these things are being thrown at you.... and really push for your review which you're totally entitled to (how else are you supposed to grow within a company?? And set ambitions??). Just because you're pregnant, and going on ML, doesn't mean that you should be ill-treated or have work dumped on you willy-nilly just because they can't be bothered their a$$ to find replacements for the people who leave. HTH
randomusername Posts: 2134
I think that you should as much as possible make a list every evening of the things you simply MUST get done the following day. Set aside 5- 10 minutes of your evening, every evening to do out this little timetable for yourself. Actually have it documented, preferably in your diary where you can update it as the day goes along. These are things that must take priority over everything else. As you go through your day, update this if the jobs take longer/shorter times than allocated. If you do additional tasks add these in. After a couple of weeks of this I would approach a senior manager, show them that every moment is accounted for and that there are not enough hours in the day. Request some junior help to delegate phone calls etc too. I think that you can take a positive from this, you were promoted and are obv doing a great job because if you were rubbish there is no way they would trust you with the additional work. I know its $hit now but in the long run it is great on your cv. Hope you get somewhere with it
Wife09 Posts: 873
Aw sue, dont be killing yourself, you and babs are no1 , I know jobs are precious these days but not your health as the expense of your job. Beleive it or not has not crossed their minds to help you out. Till you say something they wont know its too much on you. You need to tell them to ease up on you and then if they dont Id be talking to HR. Seriously , its not special treatment, its not just your own work they are asking you to do but other peoples too. Before I was doing a more senior job and mine for about 6 months as person was sick, now this was before I was pregnant so I was ok doing the work load and wanted the experience but I wanted the credit or what good was it to me. I asked to be paid their salary and they said they couldnt do that as he was out sick but they did give me a bonus of €600. Had I have not asked nothing would have happenend!! So go have a moan to your boss hun. They should understand and I bet your HR section would freak with Health and Safety and pregnacy blah blah blah
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Hi all, thanks for all your replies. The thing is with in here, that it doesn't really matter if you say anything, cause nothing will be done about it. It happened in here when I was in my previous job, and even though I was completely stressed and starting to crack, they did nothing, and I had told them that I couldn't cope. It just seems like its happening again! I'm due to meet with my boss tomorrow evening, and I'm going to say that I can't get through everything and everything is taking longer as a result, but the thing is, there is no one else to give the work too, so I really don't think its going to make any difference at all. I would love to take a few days off sick, but they are arranging so many visits these days, that I literally can't ring in sick...some customers are travelling from Europe, so if I go sick, there is no one to cover, and they would be here for nothing. Its just so unfair....I also have to give up my evenings entertaining the customers when they are here, and have to bring them to dinner, so I don't even get that as down time.... Its just getting too much, and I just can't do it now that I'm pregnant, as I'm exhausted. It was fine when I wasn't pregnant, but I just can't do it any more.... I might say something at my next hospital appointment on Monday and see what they say too. Cause if I'm told to take time off, I will! It'd be certified sick too, but I don't get paid for it either way... Again, thanks to all who responded, and sorry again for the continuation rant..... sue
Wife09 Posts: 873
Sue I have something in my head that is saying you get your social welfare payment for cert sick but once mat leave commences you go on to that rate. But honestly you cant go on like this, tell them you'll end up in early labour and then they'll have no one to cover!!And I would get a cert for a few days now anyway, you need to unwind now you are too stressed out and without you there that might give them the kick they deserve. But you really need to go ranting at them or their HR section!! I say to hell with the European visitors, if you had to visit a customer abroad and the employee was meeting you was in this situation, you'd be disgusted!!