Consultants in Galway/Mayo

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AnnieSheri Posts: 100
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations or experiences (good or bad) regarding consultants in Galway/Mayo? Thanks.
bring it on aug 07 Posts: 414
Hiya, I went to Dr Bartels in Castlebar and had no problems, can recommend him. Dr Mohammad is the other consultant who i have heard good things about. Don't know about galway sorry.
AnnieSheri Posts: 100
Hi there, Thanks for your reply. Would you recommend attending privately or going public at Castlebar? Was the care you received during labour and after the birth a good experience?
Blue-eyes Posts: 46
Hi AnnieSheri I was booked in with Dr Mahommad on Monday my Lady Doctor recommended him as she had used him herself for all her pregnancies but she said Dr Bartley was good too but I asked her who would she use and thats what she recommened dont know if that helps and I went private I suppose just to reassure myself as you get more scans and Im a worrier
keyra Posts: 801
Hi Girls, I'm attending Castlebar under Dr. Bartlet but haven't met him yet, first appointment is on 29th sept, its nice to hear good things about him. I am going public also, had my booking appointment last week and got a quick scan just to show us the heartbeat. I was under Dr. Mohammed in 2007 when i had an ectopic pregnancy and he was brilliant, could not recommend him enough.
theoracle Posts: 7664
Bit short on time so instead of re-typing please see other post re my public experience in castlebar (which was god, both times): ... p?t=182096 Beside normal (scheduled) scan, I also had a lot of mini-scans in the clinic. If there is any suspicion of anything untowards they really keep a good eye on you. in my (personal) opinion, there really isn't much gained by going private. If you put hu101 in the search field you will find my 2 birth stories also if it is of interest. dd2 was in neonatal unit for 3 days, brilliant, brilliant staff there.
bring it on aug 07 Posts: 414
Hiya, I went private with Bartels and will again please god when get pregnant again. From wait i gather the only difference is that with when private you go to his rooms and have a scheduled appointment and never had to wait longer than half an hour and got scanned at every appointment. When public you don't always get to see your consultant and only get one or two scans unless there is need to do more. And the waiting time is much longer, have heard of people waiting a couple of hours. Personally i would go private it is a lot of money but there was two incidents when i went into hospital that the care i was given changed when they knew i was a private patient of Dr. Bartels. There should be no difference in your care when in hospital whether your public or private as either way your still pregnant, but for that reason i will go private and DH is of the same thinking to go private.
AnnieSheri Posts: 100
Thanks seems to be all good with the consultants and care at Mayo General. Am thinking it will be Mayo General when the time comes.....Thanks so much for your replies.