Creams etc for pregnant women

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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Just wondering what nice creams etc are good / recommended to use when you're pregnant esp on the bump. If there are some that are particularly said to be "safe in pregnancy" but are also really nice, that would be good!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I used this one from Boots: [img:1vvgecq0][/img:1vvgecq0] Cheaper than most, and I didn't get a single stretch mark. Apparently, though, creams do feck all good - you'll either get them or you won't. Still, it's nice to have a pampering routine when you're pregnant.* [i:1vvgecq0]*Translation: Before the baby comes, all hell breaks loose and you barely have time to shower, comb your hair and brush your teeth.[/i:1vvgecq0]
porshe Posts: 1359
That look so nice I am going to try it thanks. I cannot stand that cocoa butter its disgusting :hic The bio oil for the price isn't exactly pampering, I prefer something a little bit nicer smelling iykwim
SaJa Posts: 4282
I'm using the Mamma Mio range. I have one cream for my boobs called "Boob Tube" which I think helps to keep them in place :o0 and another cream for my stomach called "Tummy Rub". I find them really good and have a lovely smell. Thank god, I don't have any stretch marks yet so I'll keep slapping on the creams. There is also a third cream in the pack which is like a quick fix cream for dry patches of skin etc.
silíní Posts: 4219
Yeah the mammamio stuff looks lovely..... I used all paraben-free products when pregnant, you can get them in health food shops, and also i think tesco do a range now as do superquinn. I didnt put anything on my bump but if i had i think i'd only have used bio-oil..... even though I agree with porsche it's not really pampering, but i think it does smell nice....