Crest strips

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Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
I know there was a thread about thsi recently but I can't find it! Can someone tell me the best website to buy Crest whitening strips from please. Thanks :thnk
galbridezilla Posts: 190
Hi BloosomCheery, I bought a box of the advanced seal crest strips on Ebay only last week. I just did a search and went with the cheapest and most highly rated seller. I think it was healthwow or something....hang on....(frantic banging at keyboard).....healthbeautywow..thats them. A pack of 40 was $50, so not too shabby. I've only use them once so far. HOping to get a good run at them over the next 2 weeks. praying to god they work as my teeth are very discoloured from coffee. Dreading having a worzel gummidge gob in my wedding pics :-8 Has anyone else with stained teeth used these before and found them good?
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
I wouldn't consider my teeth particularly stained but tried this in the hope of brightening them up. Have to admit I wasn't overly impressed. I got 20 pairs and used them over a 4/5 week period. Maybe I should have used them more frequently to get a better effect. I am currently looking into teeth whitening.