Cuba Vs South Africa and Mauritius for Honeymoon

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bigsister Posts: 32
Girls, Need your help. Can't decide on honeymoon. I'd like South Africa and Mauritius while he'd like Cuba! We've priced both and Cuba is approx 2000 Euro cheaper coming in around 5,300 euro. We'd be going in July. If it's Cuba it'd be Havana for 3 nights and Varadero (Sandals All Inclusive) for 11 nights. If it's S Africa and Mauritius, it'd be Capetown for 4 nights, Shanwari Game Reserve 2 nights All Inclusive and Legends in Mauritius for 9 nights All Inclusive. The thing is we've got the S. Africa combination held by Trailfinders but we either have to book it today or it'll get cancelled. What do you think? Thanks
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
I'd love to go to Cuba myself and probably will one day. I'd have to side with S A and Mauritius ( it's what I'm doing myself). It just sounds more special. Good luck choosing
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
The beaches in Cuba are to die for. Voted top 5 beaches in the world. One thing I would say is go to Cuba now while you can. We were advised of this also. When Castro dies the place will change and there will be a McDonalds on every street corner. At the moment the place is stuck back in the 1950s and amazing to see. The old style cars etc:. The cigar factory is amazing to see. Such history to the place. You get the best of both worlds too. All the sightseeing in Havanna etc: then a relaxing holiday in an all-inclusive where the hotel has a private beach, watersports etc:
mcdaddy Posts: 14
I've been to Cuba twice and I would definitely reserve it for another time. To be honest, the standard of hotels and food especially is just not great. Havana is a cool city but its not exactly easy to go out for a great dinner, you will definitely not do any shopping(there are no shops!!!). Varadero is lovely but again I'd have to say that the standard isn't as high as you would expect. so go for south Africa option and spoil yourself,...your'e worth it!!!
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
where in mauritious you going to stay i'm going to probably go there for my honeymoon and maybe for a while too? who you booking your through?
spain2007 Posts: 71
Have been to Cuba (& Havana) and my sisters have been to all three places. Without a shadow of a doubt with everything considered (price - all inclusive, service, hotels, beaches, the fact that it's your honeymoon etc) - go for South Africa and Mauritius. You won't regret it. Save Cuba for another time. I would go into it more but I'm up to my eyes in work but I had to reply! Good luck xx
stompy9 Posts: 227
The standard of accommodation in S Africa is so high - we thought we were staying in average places but they were high-class luxury lodges, and the food was absolutely amazing. Recommend it without a doubt.
Angel! Posts: 1494
South Africa definitely. I am biased because I lived there and my H2B is South African. But it's so beautiful. I would highly recommend it. And it's so cheap to eat out and buy stuff there. Especially at the moment cause their currency (the Rand) is so weak !!! July will be winter there, but it will still be lovely. Easier to see the animals cause there's not much places to hide in the bush.....
naughty Posts: 1144
Have done so much investigating for our honeymoon and yesterday we booked Mauritius 7 nights in the residence and then to Victoria Falls and then to Chobe National Park. Some people I know have been to Cuba but said the standard was not very good there. So I hope we are on to a winner!
bigsister Posts: 32
Girls, Thanks a mil! Just off the phone to Trailfinders and have booked South Africa and Mauritius! Can't wait. PauricLouise booked with Trailfinders.