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december29 Posts: 395
hey there i came off the pill last june and since then my cycles are all over the place i thought they were begining to settle down at a 32 day cycle but i am currently on cd 56! i did test on cd 33 and 35 and got a BFN Has anyone else had trouble with their cycles since coming off the pill and if so any tips on how to get them back on track? We are ttc at the mo!! thanks start end length 08/07/2006 12/09/2006 67 days 13/09/2006 26/10/2006 44 days 27/10/2006 27/11/2006 32 days 28/11/2006 29/12/2006 32 days 30/12/2006 Congrats to all the recent BFP's......delighted for you all!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi there Might be worth just getting a few bloods taken = might be your body trying to adjust? :wv
breeze Posts: 1175
Hi December29 Chloe is right maybe you should get checked out. My last month on the pill was Jan. I was thinking that my cycle wouldnt turn up for ages but it came on CD28, so bang on time. HTH good luck
december29 Posts: 395
hi guys thanks for the replys.......going to wait another week and if nothing then i will go to the doctor......he will prob just say come back in a few months if nothing happens as that what he said to be when i went to him re:first cycle off pull (the 67 day one) thanks again
december29 Posts: 395
sorry that should say pill not pull!!!! :xxs :-8
NotHere Posts: 10273
Hi december29, the doc should be able to give you something to regulate them, or maybe start taking angus cactus? That is supposed to very helpful in getting your cycles to stay regular. Good luck :wv :babydust:
december29 Posts: 395
thanks for the advice flutterby and congrats on the BFP! :o)ll
NotHere Posts: 10273
Cheers hun :thnk