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workingmom Posts: 3429
I agree, why don't they give Sharon some outfits with floaty sleeves to soften her arms, after all , she's an athlete, can't expect her to have non-muscular arms, but I think she and Pavel could do some good routines as they are both very strong. I think Daniella Westbrook is fantastic, a little ball of energy. Mikey is the next favourite for me vcause he's good, not cause he's Irish, and I dislike Hayley she is a try hard, and IMHO not a great skater, Daniel is doing all the work for her. Daniella or Mikey to win.
nissi Posts: 683
I missed this last night, anyone know who was voted off
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Heather Mills was voted off last night. SHe was in the skate off with Kieron. Anyone finding the judges marking very inconsistent. I really thought Mikey and Kieron did a lot better than what they made out. I know she's very good but the judges really seem to be hyping up Hailey. Over all I'm not findin this season's DOI as enjoyable or impressive as previous ones. My God Chris Fountain was simply brilliant a couple of years ago, especially when he did Time Warp and Cry me a River was good too.
milinda Posts: 785
[quote="nissi bride 09":2ute5fsm]I missed this last night, anyone know who was voted off[/quote:2ute5fsm] Heather & Kieron faced the skate-off, then Heather got voted out 4 to 1
jellywellies Posts: 2268
Was really surprised Kieron was in the skate off!! I missed the actual show - just watched the results!! Please someone tell me WHY do they keep putting Sharron in a swimming suit ....
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
[quote="*jelly*":1lpc95vg]Was really surprised Kieron was in the skate off!! I missed the actual show - just watched the results!! Please someone tell me WHY do they keep putting Sharron in a swimming suit ....[/quote:1lpc95vg] Yeah, I was really surprised too. I really enjoyed his piece. His partner though....good Lord....had she been tangoed or what? :o0 Must have taken a trowel and a fair few bottles of make up remover to get that stuff off last night. I'm not sure how accurate the reporting is but I've read in a couple of places that apparently Sharon feels more comfortable in those costumes. I agree I think she'd look better in a skirt. I know she is very, very tall and athletic looking but I think a skirt would soften the look.
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
Totally agree that Sharon looks ridiculous in her outfits. I hope Mikey does really well he comes across as a really nice fella :xox
brightling Posts: 1496
How did Mikey get on last night?? I only saw the very end with the scoreboard and his score seemed quite low compared to other weeks. Yet another skimpy swimsuit for poor Sharon, I'd say she hates the costume designer at this stage!
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Mikey wasn't bad but he had 2 little stumbles. I didn't think it was as good a routine as he has had in previous weeks. As far as I know Sharon wants to wear those swimsuit type costumes! Ridiculous and all as they are!
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Well I have been on this thread but in entertainment, so missed all these posts. Yeah, I heard the same about Sharon feeling comfortable in those swimsuit type things. Disappointed with everyone last night except Daniella. Danny was better than the week before but not as good as at the start of the series. Poor Mikey had a bad week. Glad Heather is gone. She was better last night than last week but to be honest I think it was fixed for her to go home last night. I think she had enough of the challenge. she seems very cold, although brave. I would love to see mikey win or else Daniella. Can't believe Hailey got such a high score after such a major fall! I do find her a bit annoying. Emily drives me crackers as well. Dr Hilary I thought was alot better but not good enough. He is certainly popular...like Coleen last year! I actually am enjoying it more this year because there are more strong skaters and last year we all knew Ray would win it from week one. I think Mikey is quite popular and he has already signed up for the tour, so hopefully he will make the final.