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Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
gottabfp Posts: 5641
tell them to fUCK off then. my sil told me the other day that id need to loose weight if i really want a baby. i told her to mind her own business and not too be worrying about whats going on in my life. i wouldnt mind but pot kettle and black come to mind! nothing has been mentioned since. some people hey!
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
tell them all to mind their own effing business. i have no idea why ppl think they can tell u this that or the other coz your getting married. 'if i wanted your opinion, i would have asked you to organise it, ya silly cow!!' would love to say that to some ppl!! well done wannabfp, better out than in! ladyjane, try not to let it build up! what i do, is think of really witty retorts that i can throw back at them without it sounding nasty bitchy bridezillaesque!! and with a smile will always be sacharin (SP) sweet!! your day, your way!! :o)ll
veryv Posts: 970
I had my FSIL in my ear last Sat night discussing when Im going to have my first baby!! Im getting married in April and frankly I dont think its anyones business when I decide to try for a baby except my h2b and I. If I hear "You'll be next now" one more time I'll be up for grevious bodily assault. I know a lot of couples have difficulties conceiving and imagine if I was one of them and all these interfering realtions rubbing it in saying "youll be next".