Did you go with H2B to choose his suit?

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Sunnyshine Posts: 753
H2B and best man are going to look at suits today. He says I don't need to go with them but I'm not convinced. Did many of you go with him? It's not that I don't trust him to get a decent suit but there is a little part of me that thinks I should be there. Help!!
jodicodi Posts: 95
Yes i did, I felt i had to go so that i could co - ordinate him with me and the bridesmaids with the groomsman, it is a bit of male bonding thing tho when they want to go on their own so id so go with them and then say your off shopping so you can leave them at it.
Lucy2007 Posts: 427
Oh god i did - sur he wouldnt have a clue - he wanted me to go anyway even if he didnt want me to go i would have gone
darkie27 Posts: 1449
Oh yea I went too id have to be worried till the day if i didnt :wv
Mrs Sid5 Posts: 306
no i didnt go, i gave him a piece of material for the bridesmaid colours to give to the shop so they could match it, then he showed me what they picked from the brochure
honeybunch Posts: 1218
I went too :-8 , went today to try them on too :-8 :-8 :-8 He didn't have issues with it either way, he assumed I was going and I did too.
ticking clock Posts: 20
Hi, well I origionally sent him on his own with his best man, telling him that my dress was white and that he could have any combo of white, black(bridesmaids) or silver he wanted. However literally after 20 mins in the first shop and he was ringing me having a nervous breakdown about the fact that he didnt know the diff between ivory and white and that he just couldnt handle the pressure of making decisions!!! Men! So I had to go with him and pick them out myself!
mad woman Posts: 22106
oh god yeah, the shade of "red" had to right.... [size=75:13zvoowv][i:13zvoowv](madwoman contemplates her bridezilla days)[/i:13zvoowv][/size:13zvoowv]
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
yep men cant be trusted to do ANYTHING weddingy by themselves! it was actually harder that i thought to pick his suit i knew what colour i wanted his tie and waiscoat but every time he tried on a suit i kept laughing coz i never see him in a suit, it took 3 trips to find what we wanted honestly i didnt go to 3 bridal shops!
sporty1 Posts: 109
Yea Il be going, God knows what he'll land home with! Seriously tho, he'll prob want me there cos he cant buy a pair of jeans on his own!! :wv