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2006wedding Posts: 965
is it normal to have a light brown discharge at 8 weeks? I only notice this on my knickers, not when i wipe (sorry TMI). I have notcied this on and off since i first found out i was pregnant but i have had it for the last few days and I am wondering should i be worried or could this be a sign of infection or something?
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I have no idea I never got a brownish discharge,i might ask your GP to make sure
Sassy Posts: 2269
I agree with Mama Dora. I have never had it either but i would contact you GP or the hospital and see what they say.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I had this at 6 weeks for a couple of days. They say brown blood is old blood and shouldn't be concerning. Gyne told me yesterday having pain associated with discharge or bleed is concern. IF you worried ring you GP.
fantac Posts: 4109
hi - i've had it on and off for the last 12 days, way TMI here, but mine was streaky, which doc said is obviously old blood (obviously to him maybe!). i also had pain on one side so they scanned as he was a bit concerned, all is grand. tbh if i were you i'd go to teh doc, even just for your own peace of mind, no point worrynig if you dont need to.
2006wedding Posts: 965
i have my 2nd scan on monday coming and also an appointment with the doctor so i will ask then. thanks girls. have also read up a little on the internet and it seems it can be normal.