Do the bride and groom pay for bridal party accommodations?

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CandP Posts: 11
I'm wondering if we are expected to pay for the two nights accommodations of our bridesmaid and best man who are traveling from out of town to our wedding? What do people usually do in this regard?
Sin16 Posts: 236
We will not be paying for accomadation for our bridal party. If they wernt part of the bridal party they would be paying themselves. I think it's one step too far and unnecessary. I am getting ready in the hotel the night before and we will pay for that night in the hotel.
MrsP2be2015 Posts: 100
I think you would normally pay for the night of the wedding for them. For us, the rooms for the bridal party and parents were free for that night with our contract. You might want to check with the hotel if you get any free rooms?
whereland Posts: 472
I paid for our 4 bridesmaids and groomsmen and have had it paid for me when I've been in the bridal party.
lorrimar Posts: 837
We didn't pay for our bridal party rooms and I don't think it's expected either. As another poster said if they were just going to the wedding as a guest then they would have to pay for their room anyway. I think enough is spent with dress/alterations/hair & make-up and gifts.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Some do, some don't, depends on your budget. We didn't pay for our bridal party's accommodation. I've been BM twice, my room was paid for one of those times. It was a bit awkward actually cos when I checked out I was given the bill, so I confidently told the receptionist the B&G were covering it - resulted in having to phone up to the bridal suite to check (B&G hadn't come down to breakfast or to see people off). I was a bit morto, didn't want to look like I was dodging the bill but the bride had said several times she was paying for our room and it was a 5 star hotel so very expensive! Do whatever you are comfortable with OP but if you are paying for their rooms please notify the hotel in advance :-8
esla2016 Posts: 214
I'm paying for ours, but we only have a small party.
CasualBride Posts: 574
I'm paying for ours, we'll have 2 of each, we get 2 free rooms for parents but that's it. I thinks it's a nice thing to do but I do agree with OPs that it's not necessarily the done thing.. I was BM for my best friend a few years back and it never seemed to cross her mind - nor mine at the time - that she should pay for anyone's accommodation, so I don't know if it's a more recent trend or what, but at my OH's brother's wedding last year, everyone had to travel to the bride's home town and stay for 4 or 5 nights, and everyone paid for their own accommodation even though a lot of the family were in the bridal party. It's really up to you but definitely let your wedding party know beforehand, as OP said, it's embarrassing when it comes to check-out time if people aren't clear on what's been arranged.
Niamh Chinn Oir Posts: 27
I reluctantly agreed with my OH to pay for ours, a total of 7 extra rooms. He was groomsman for his best man and room was covered at that wedding so he wanted to return that favour. I think it's ridiculous and hate giving in to the 'keeping up with the Jones's' mentality that surrounds Irish weddings
kohl Posts: 108
we paid for some of them as it was 7 extra rooms. Our package only included the bridal suite and parents rooms. One bm and 2 gm had travelled home from overseas for the wedding so we paid for their rooms. I was bm twice and rooms werent paid for. The time DH was best man it was paid for, when a groomsman it wasnt.